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Tuesday 25th June
Sunborn Gibraltar - Page One

A View from the Sunborn Yacht Hotel

Spain from a veranda on the Sunborn Super Yacht

The Sunborn in Gibraltar, a 5-star floating yacht hotel, is moored at Ocean Village, just a short walk from Casemates Square; it is in sight of the airport runway, on reclaimed land from the Bay of Gibraltar.

If you want some glitz and glamour the Sunborn Super Yacht is just the place for you, certainly a good place to relax and sip an excellent cocktail.

Breakfast is first class with ample choice, catering for all types of diets.

Within Ocean Village there are a number of restaurants and bars with more in nearby Casemates Square.


Walking through historic Grand Casemates Square you arrive at Main Street with its variety of shops and the shorter and narrower street, Irish Town, running parallel to the right for some of the way; both streets are pedestrianised.

The town is full of interesting architecture of various periods; wrought ironwork, balconies, shutters and intricate decoration; much of this above the shops in Main Street and possibly missed by busy shoppers.

Irish Town is known for the famous Sacarello Coffee House, worth a visit although more recently under new ownership.

As you progress along Main Street you come to Makintosh Square on the right, one of the main venues for National Day on 10th September.

Gibraltar has a variety of flora: the exotic Bird of Paradise always seems to be in flower; orange trees grow along the side of Casemates Square and at the far end of Main Street near the Cathedral of Mary the Crowned. In May the exotic jacarandas burst into flower, a beautiful purple-blue.

To find out about the Gibraltar World Heritage site, the Gorham Caves Complex and their Neanderthal inhabitants, a visit to the Gibraltar Museum in Bomb House Lane, off Main Street, is the place to go. This has recently been refurbished; it is also a mine of information about the military history of Gibraltar.

The viewing platform for Gorham Caves is at Europa Advance Road. The Europa Point Lighthouse and Ibrahim-al-Ibrahim Mosque are at the southern point of Gibraltar.

Public gardens include Commonwealth Park, a relaxing spot with large ponds; the park can be accessed via Main Street, past the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, across the road and through the arch. There is also a very modern lift as well as steps to the path from this area.

The Trafalgar Cemetery is at the end of Main Street towards the Southport arch. Sometimes it is possible to see one or two of the Barbary macaques who seem to like this spot when they come to town. And there is also always something to see in the Alameda Botanic Gardens a little further on.

At this point in the walk around it might be time for a relaxing drink in the sunny Queensway Marina which is not too far from the Botanic Gardens. As well as a number of bars and restaurants there is a very good Indian restaurant with a takeaway option.

Vestiges of the history of Gibraltar are all around:

The Keys Ceremony at The Convent, the official residence of the Governor of Gibraltar, at the southern end of Main Street is the main point for the re-enactment of the ceremony in memory of the time when the gates in the walls protecting the town and garrison had to be locked and the keys held by the Governor.

The Moorish Castle’s Tower of Homage overlooks the old town and Casemates Square and although there is no certain date of construction an early date suggested goes back to the eighth century.

Gibraltar may be small but there is much to see and do. The beaches, the Skywalk, at the top of the Nature Reserve and the Windsor Suspension Bridge - yet another vantage point overlooking the Bay.

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