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Gibraltar, an Overseas Territory of the United Kingdom, is between the southern tip of Spain and the Strait of Gibraltar; it is connected to the mainland by a narrow isthmus.

The terrain consists of a long limestone outcropping known as the Rock - the Mount of Tariq. There are no permanent natural water supplies.

The climate of Gibraltar is Mediterranean: warm summers and mild winters.

A variety of flora can be found on the Rock. Palms, bougainvillea, Gibraltar Sea Lavender and Gibraltar Candytuft are numbered among hundreds of plants growing on the peninsula. The Alameda Botanic Gardens are south of the town centre just beyond the Trafalgar Cemetery.

Wildlife includes over three hundred species of birds; the Rock is a staging point on the flight path of migratory birds which winter in Africa. The huge variety of plant life on the Rock has been brought about by these birds dropping seeds on the land as they go to and fro on their journeys.

Gibraltar's famous Barbary Apes, or Macaques, are the only wild monkeys living in Europe. Marine creatures, such as dolphins, flying fish, whales and turtles, inhabit the Bay and the Strait of Gibraltar.

A suspension bridge at Royal Anglian Way has been constructed with views over Gibraltar; the bridge is a new way of accessing the Upper Rock Nature Reserve. The Skywalk is another addition providing magnificent views of Gibraltar.

Views of Gibraltar can be seen in our publication: Gibraltar Alive - A scenic view of the Rock.

Buildings in Gibraltar reflect occupation by the Moors, Spanish and British.

The Gibraltar Heritage Trust, formed in 1986, is responsible for the restoration and preservation of a number of buildings including the Moorish Castle and the Tower of Homage, Parson's Lodge Battery, and City Hall.

Another building of note in Gibraltar is the Cathedral of St Mary the Crowned, originally a mosque, converted to a church and extended at the beginning of the sixteenth century.

Over recent years much land has been reclaimed from the sea and many tower blocks comprising of apartments and offices have been built.

The population of Gibraltar was estimated at 34,733 in 2012: Gibraltarian 79%, other British 13.2%, Spanish 2.1%, Moroccan 1.6%, other EU 2.4%, other 1.6%.

English is the official language. Other languages spoken are Spanish, Portuguese and Italian.

Many Gibraltarians are Roman Catholics. There are also large Muslim andd Jewish communities.

The cuisine of Gibraltar is influenced by its ethnic groups: British, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian (mainly Genoese), Maltese, German and Moroccan.

National favourites include tortilla and calentita, a quiche made from chick pea flour.

A variety of restaurants in Ocean Village include those selling pizza and Indian food. The Sunborn floating hotel in the Marina has restaurants and bars open to the public. The restaurant and bar on the seventh floor has Mediterranean views and the La Sala restaurant and bar, with its stylish retro decor, has a fantastic cruise liner atmosphere that is reminiscent of the past.

Sacarello's coffee house and restaurant in Irish Town is full of local history and well worth of visit.

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