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Friday 23rd August
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Partners are from all over the world including Australia, Azerbaijan, China, Italy, Israel, Japan, Netherlands, Philippines, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States of America and Uzbekistan.

Goede dag from the Netherlands

A class email from Friesland

pupils from the NetherlandsWe are a class of young boys and girls from the Netherlands (Holland), interested in "meeting" other classes from all over the world. We'd love to learn about you, your culture(s) and your country. We're interested in just about everything! Our age: 10-12. This year is the first year we are learning English, so it is difficult for us, but we are trying hard!!

More information from the Netherlands

girls soccer teamThe start of the season is next week. The kids get their e-mail addresses, and then we can start. The first e-mails are very basic English I think. But they can work with the internet-translator.

I suggest I make an e-mail address list. I will send it to you. The kids will present themselves on that list.

Email from the teacher in the Netherlands

in the classroomWe have 25 children in our class.

On the foto (attachment) there is our classroom.

Thursday or Friday the kids make a presentation of themselves, in English of course, and then I send the presentations to you.

A selection from the presentations

where we live We live in the Netherlands. The Netherlands is a democratic country - we can choose our own government and we can strike if we want - there is a strike today. We have a queen, Beatrix.

We live in the province of Friesland. That is in the north of the Netherlands. I live in a village called Sintjohannesga.

Our hobbies are computers, disco-music, shell collecting, basketball, gymnastics, horse riding, judo, playing soccer and swimming.

More emails from the Netherlands

where we live There are 120 pupils in our school. It is a Christian school. There are many sports played: tennis, football, basketball. We have reading, Dutch language, English language and we write to pupils around the world. We go on a lot to visits to things outside school. We visit museums, factories, and so ...

We have competitions with other schools. Sometimes with our soccer team - we were almost in the finals of the Netherlands.

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