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Friday 23rd August
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Zdravstvuite from RUSSIA

Email from a teacher in Moscow, Russia

The Gorky Park, Moscow I am a teacher. I like my profession. My husband is an engineer and works at a very big plant. I have two daughters. We have pets: a dog, a cat and a hamster. We have a house in the country, and we like to go there every holiday. ... It is interesting for me to work with children at school. My children like to learn English very much. They want to know many different things about other countries.

Emails from Tatyana

from Moscow Thanks for your letters. We were late in notifying you because of the long, long holidays here in Russia.

I should apologize and explain. Due to lines shut down we had to use a private e-mail address. Next week we are sending our complete package. I hope we'll be able to make up a follow up activity.

Emails from Moscow

Russian students with gifts from Marsha's class I was going to write to you about our round table conference for students where we showed your CD and tape to all the students of the secondary school. ... The students tell about their work and show their material they prepared. I think this year was very interesting. After that we usually have a tea party. So your sweets were very tasty and students thanked you.

Email from Tatyana

from Moscow At the beginning of May we had two holidays - May 1 and 2 - Day of Labour and May 9th - Victory Day (for Russians - in the Great Patriotic War). It is very sad and happy day at the same time. I like it because my aunt served in the army during this war and my husband's grandfather was killed near Leningrad in 1943 and my husband had never seen him.

Now it is the last week of our school year. From June 1 we are having exams (in 9th and 11th Grades) and then holidays will come.

Emails from students in Russia

I want to travel in many countries and learn their cultures. ... It's important to students to learn collaboration and learn respect of culture differences. I don't think that students who collaborated in childhood with students from other countries will want to take arms to fight against their friends.

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