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Friday 23rd August
Buongiorno from Italy

Buongiorno from ITALY

Email from Milazzo, Sicily

I live in Milazzo, Messina's country. Milazzo is an historic site with a big Norman Castle, in front of the sea, near seven isles called Eolie.

Sicily Legend says that in Milazzo's promontory lived the Cyclope, a large man with only one eye. The Cyclope was described by Homer in his epic Ulysses.

Milazzo's sea and the port was the site of many wars because of its position. The territory is again very strategic.

Wonderful plains and hills and green mountains break with sea colour. But some industries do not give a good natural image of this country. The economy is founded on agriculture and big industries. Many tourists also come to Milazzo to see the Eolian Isles and the Stromboli Vulcano. In spring and summer there is a beautiful walk called lungomare Garibaldi that many people visit from far and wide. Also famous is the fish store and Vaccarella headquarters of fishermen.

Emails from Franco of the Berimbau Sicilia Group

Berimbau Sicilia Group is composed from children about 6/13 age who play and sing and use original Brazilian instruments.

Berimbau Sicilia Group I love Brazilian music and poetry and my school's work is based on the Afro-Brazilian music. Children know through the net about ethnic people and their culture and music ... They chatted with Brazilian students and participated at the virtual discussion forum and learned about the history of this wonderful country.

The virtual experience became e-learning.

Moreover, the students listened to a lot of interesting histories of Brazil by Gianni Minà an important Italian journalist who generally writes about this theme. (Gianni Minà is the author of Un Mondo Migliore e Possibile)

During the first Berimbau school project, little pupils, like journalists, succeeded in interviewing Gianni Minà by telephone about actual dramatic road boys situation and political innovation. Also the music and people. (To find out about Brazil look at the WIZ country study)

Berimbau Sicilia Summer Project

This summer I am working to prepare the children to play and sing like a samba group with instruments made by the children.

... is it possible to create through the net a bigger international "samba group" with our children? I would like to particpate in the Second Festival of Samba in Treviso, Italy with "international berimbau children".

Making instruments

I'm going to prepare some pages about how to make some Brazilian ethnic instruments. The first is how to make a rain stick. Its sound is like running rain (

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