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Thursday 13th June
Educators from Palestine - Page One

During the Global Junior Challenge we took part in an initiative to produce an electronic journal to help stimulate dialogue, sharing of knowledge and experience, collaborative working and mutual understanding between children from schools in Rome, Israel and Palestine.

The themes are general and the first one is "Friendship". For the first month of the first theme it has been suggested that the students focus on the topic of "A Day in the Life of..."

Sight-seeing in Rome

Following the workshop we spent free time with the visitors from Palestine. We hope our friendship will continue on a personal basis and that the initiative from Rome will succeed.

Email from Palestine

... it was wonderful experience to meet with you ... I would like to hear from you and to receive information about your class and work. Salam for now,

Email from Palestine

I will try to send you some of our schools information as soon as possible.

Email from an Education Director in Palestine

We are starting to develop our website in English. It would be great to send you some of the children's work ... I will send you some articles when we translate it into English.

Postings from Palestine

Postings from Palestine can be seen on Selected Postings from the Discussion Board

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