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Thursday 23rd May
Educators from Palestine - Page Two

Palestine was a former Ottoman Empire territory administrated by Great Britain under the League of Nations' Mandates System. The British handed over Palestine to the United Nations in 1947. The United Nations recommended dividing the area into two states, Israel and Palestine, with Jerusalem internationalized. The UN plan was never implemented.

United Nations Information The Question of Palestine
Palestine Wildlife Society PWLS is concerned with the conservation and enhancement of the biodiversity and wildlife in Palestine
Riwaq - Centre for Architectural Conservation RIWAQ is concerned with the protection of the cultural, architectural and natural heritage of Palestine
The Arab Palestinian Investment Co. Ltd Manufacturing, Trading, Distribution, Electricity and Telecommunications
The Edward Said National Conservatory of Music The promotion of music education in Palestine
An-Najah National University Links to other universities
Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities Significant sites of Bethlehem, Gaza, Hebron, Jericho, Jerusalem and Nablus

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