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Thursday 7th July
Szervusz from Hungary

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Szervusz from HUNGARY

Email from the partner in Hungary

teacher from Hungary
I live in Szarvas, a small town in the south west of Hungary on the River Körös. Szarvas is not far at all from Budapest (about 170 kms).

My school is a Lutheran school and has eight grades. Now we have our winter holidays, and we go back to school only on 5 January.

Emails from pupils in Hungary

I live in Szarvas. I'm thirteen years old. My favorite sport is soccer. We like the pictures that you sent us.

I live in Szarvas and our capital is Budapest. I learn in 6th grade. There are 31 pupils in our class there are more boys in our class. I like to play football. In Hungary we don't play baseball but I like it. ... I like to eat pizza too and I like to hear pop music. My favourite subject in school is English.

I'm fine thank you. I have one sister. I'm a Christian. Our national food is sausage. Our capital city is Budapest. It's a beautiful city. Budapest is a big city and two million people live there. It's 170 km from Szarvas. ... My favourite sports are football and basketball.

It is snowing in Hungary. Do you like the snow and the winter? We are snowballing in the school park. What do you do in the school breaks?

Email from the teacher in Hungary

winter rosesThank you for the nice and really beautiful letters, we do enjoy them. We can learn a lot from them about your country. They are very interesting. D has started his work about our favourite places in Hungary and the others are also writing their letters. Now I send some winter roses for you and the kids from Hungary. The snow has already melted but it is still cold.

Emails from pupils in Hungary

I'm 12 years old and I'm in 6th grade. I have three brothers. My hobbies are to watch TV, to browse the Internet, to meet my friends and to have fun! My favorite foods are pizza, hamburger and fries. I like to go to school because I like to meet my friends. We have lots of subjects in school: science, math, art, English, history. My favorite subject in school is English. I like to read, I like many books. I also like many movies, I don't have a favorite movie but I like comedy movies very much. What is your favorite movie? I like pop and rock.

How are you? It's cold in Szarvas. Happy Valentines Day! February 20 we have a carnival in the school. Our class will act a play: it's about a pancake. Then we will have a disco.

Email from pupils about Revolution Day (1848)

photo of Budapest taken by partner from Latvia In 1848 there was a revolution in Hungary against the Habsburgs (Austrian kings). On 15 March we don't go to school. We wear nice clothes and go to special places and listen to programmes of children singing songs and reciting poems. In the evening we go to the river and take some torches and walk together in the dark. This holiday means the independence of Hungary.

Our next holiday will be Easter in April. Soon we write about it. It is warm in Hungary. It is 25°C and sunny. We are sending some photographs we took this week.

Email from the partner in Hungary

Here, in Hungary lots of people love meat soup with matza balls. What is your favourite food? ... soon we will have the Easter vacation, but usually I work a lot because there are lots of work in the garden now, in spring.

Email from Hungary

... I had some computer problems but at least I can read my emails and write the replies. Do you do anything special on 1 May?

On 1 May, our country joins the EU at the same time as nine others. (On 1 May, 10 countries join the 15 members of the EU. New members are Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, the Slovak Republic and Slovenia - see Newslink Europe)

Summer Holidays

We are looking forward to the summer vacation. But after that we would like to write you again e-mails. In June we start our holiday. We are going to have some interesting programmes. I am going to organise a summer English camp then I go to a birdwatching camp with the children.

This is a last letter before the summer holidays. In summer I play football and go to the English camp. In September I write to you again.

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