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Thursday 13th June
Magandang umaga from Philippines

Magandang umaga from the PHILIPPINES

Email about the school in the Philippines

We are located in the town of Carigara, island of Leyte, in the Philippines.

I teach computers to a class of 39 sixth grade students. They range in age from 10-12.

The school was formed in 1911 by an American missionary during the American occupation of the Philippines.

Emails from a teacher in the Philippines

We are hoping to learn about other countries and cultures and share our knowledge of the Philippines. ... I hope that you might like to have friends in the Philippines.

I think part of the magic for my students is that they really like having friendships. That therefore sparks interest in their friends' country and other things. ... Filipino children are really friendly and great to work with.

Emails from the Philippines

In the Philippines we started the new school year in June.

I'm attaching a few pictures of our class. We will be sure to send you more pictures throughout the year.

I believe in this program so much, just like you, because I feel that friendship with children from different places will change the world for the better in the future.

Emails from pupils in the Philippines

We live in the province of Leyte here in the Philippines. The Philippines has 7107 islands and Leyte is one of the largest.

Carigara is a nice and friendly community of 50,000 people. Many people in our community are farmers. Others are fishermen.

Hello from the Philippines! ... We are 5 children in our house and I am the youngest sister. My father is a rice vendor and my mother is a rice vendor also. ... Some of my favorite things to do are biking and swimming.

I like to play basketball ... My ambition when I grow up is to be an engineer and I will help people build homes and streets.

My hobbies are dancing and singing. I also like to watch Harry Potter tapes like Chamber of Secrets.

My favorite food is spaghetti, fried chicken, fried bangus (milkfish) and fruit salad. ... My ambition is to become a doctor. My father is a businessman. My favorite hobby is basketball.

My favorite foods are spaghetti, salad, mango float, cake and leche flan. My favorite sports are badminton and riding my bicycle.

Now I will tell you what I eat from breakfast to dinner. For breakfast I eat bread with sandwich spread and Milo (hot chocolate drink). For lunch and dinner I eat native vegetables and Beef Sinigang. Here are other things that I eat: beef loaf, fried egg, fried fish, fried chicken, fried pork and rice.

An email from a pupil in the Philippines

I come from Manila, I came here to Leyte with my grandfather and grandmother. It is beautiful and there is no polluted air here.

My favorite sports are basketball, soccer, volleyball and football. My favorite teams are Lakers and 76sixers. My favorite movies are the Passion of Christ and Pearl Harbor. My favorite foods are tinola, fried chicken and adobo. Tinola is a dish made from fish and soup. Adobo is a dish made from meat and sour.

My favorite place is Pantalan. Because it is beautiful there every night. You can see the beautiful moon and the stars.

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