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Thursday 13th June
Hi from the USA

Hi from the USA


The first introductory email arrived from Hull, Massachusetts. "I live in Massachusetts. Our capital city is Boston" .... "My town is on a peninsula. My house overlooks the bay and it is full of boats all summer. My brother works on a lobster boat for my uncle."

Emails from TEXAS

The emails from Texas were soon to follow. All the pupils wanted to know about the partners. They asked questions about family members, pets, music and sport. Andres from Dallas wrote "I have two lizards they're both called Spiky, one of them is related to the Komodo dragon".

Extract from email from NEBRASKA

tornado from Mr Henderson
There are lots of farms throughout Nebraska. Our state's nickname is the Cornhusker State because we grow a lot of corn. Our summers are very hot and humid and our winters are very cold. We can have tornadoes in the Spring and Fall. We like to play sports, play games in our room, go swimming, and lots of other things.

Extracts from emails from INDIANA

A family from Indiana run a homeschool. There are four children in the school between the ages of eight and fourteen. They have written to the students to tell them about the USA.

"You asked what our country is like. That question could take a very long time to answer because America is so different in different areas, but I can do my best answer any questions you have about America. Here in America we are divided into states, kind of like small countries that have their own laws and yet all fifty states have certain guidelines in which they must go by to make their laws so that no law goes against the Constitution of the United States. The Constitution was written over 200 years ago by men who founded our country and wanted to make sure that laws would be fair and treat men equal if they lived in the United States."

"We live in the state of Indiana, which is in the middle of the United States. Here our weather has what is called four seasons ... We have snow and ice in the winter, lots of rain and flowers growing in the spring, summer is often hot with periods of bad storms and even tornados once in a great while, and fall brings color changes to the green leaves on trees ... the leaves look beautiful because for a few weeks, they turn gold, orange, red, and brown ... then they fall on the ground and make a crunching sound! Other places in America have lots more snow and rain, other places have no snow at all and lots of heat year round. It depends on what area or state you live in. Some states have lot's of mountains, some have hills, and some have deserts, others have mostly flat land with fields. Right now, it is just the beginning of fall here in Indiana, so the weather is just a little cool, but not too hot either. In a couple of weeks, the leaves will change color and it will be very pretty!"

Extracts from emails from Sacramento, CALIFORNIA

I live in Sacramento, the capital, of California, but my school district is Natomas. Natomas is really cool. It has mostly houses, apartments, and stores, and is a lot quieter than downtown Sacremento. There are a lot of palm trees, oak trees, lots of grass, and lots of flowers. Sacramento is about an hour away from the ocean, and about an hour from Lake Tahoe. ... We don't get snow in the winter. It is hot here right now. We are in the Fall season. We don't have school in the summer. It is hot in the summer and we like to swim.

My dad is from El Salvador, and my mom is from here, so I have mixed blood and I also know Spanish. Hola is Hello, Como estas is how are you, Buenos dias is good morning, Buenas noches is good night and Adios is goodbye.

There are many things to do in the city, you can play soccer or basketball at the parks, you can go see professional baseball teams play during the spring, and you can see the newest movies at the theatre. I like to play basketball, baseball, and soccer. Here we have a team called the Sacramento Kings (basketball). They came very close to winning the championship two years ago. In soccer, my favorite player is Henry. He plays for the Arsenal. I play on a soccer team too. My soccer team is called the Chivas. Chivas means goats in Spanish. The Chivas are also a professional soccer team in Mexico.

Sacramento is a fun place to live because there is always a fair or Carnival. Downtown is like its own little city because it has all of the big businesses and monuments. There is the Crocker Art Museum, a Mansion Museum and a lot of government buildings. Sacramento always has things being built. The city never stops developing. It is cool to see everything being built.

Extract from email from Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA

Right now in Los Angeles area there are a lot of wildfires because of the dry conditions. We are all safe at our school, but have not been having physical education classes outdoors because of the bad air quality and ashes blowing from the fires. ... In L.A. we have lots of movie theaters and many movies are made in Hollywood which is about 20 miles from us.

Another email from Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA

Stephen S School, Los AngelesWe live in California. Have any of you seen the "Terminator" movies? The "Terminator" is our new governor (Arnold Schwarzenegger)! He won the recent election when our old governor, Gray Davis, was removed from office in a recall election.

This is a photo of one of our play yards where we have physical education classes, recess free time, and after school sports.

Emails from a school in INDIANA

These days our town is very beautiful. Everybody is getting ready for Christmas, the shops, malls, houses are decorated with lights. People shop a lot for Christmas presents, and we wait to get presents from our relatives and Santa (even though we know he isn't real, we fill out our fish list for Santa, to get a present). ... It's very cold here now. We had some snow last week but New York and Boston were covered with snow an people had to dig their cars to recover them.

Christmas is very close. ... The streets and shop windows are very beautiful, especially when they are covered with snow. Do you like snow? Our teacher told us that in your country it almost never snows only in the mountains. Is it so? Do you mean you never ski or skate? Winter is the best time of the year.


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