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Thursday 13th June
Hello from Singapore

Hello from SINGAPORE

Emails from students about Singapore

The name of my country is Singapore. Our country is just a very small dot on the earth so when we go any places we just need a few minutes!

Singapore was founded by Sir Stamford Raffles and used to be an important British naval base. Our national symbol is the Merlion. ... The flower that represents my country is the Vanda Miss Joqium flower, which is a type of orchid.

Merlion - the symbol of Singapore Singapore is a beautiful and small island. It is very clean and has lots of greenery. In our country, there are no mountains, only hills. The tallest hill is Bukit Timah Hill. It is 163.63 m tall. Singapore is made up of four races: Chinese, Malay, Indian and others. All of us communicate very well. ... My favourite places of interest are the Botanic Gardens, Jurong Bird Park, Singapore Science Centre, the Singapore Discovery Centre, the island of Sentosa with 'Underwater World' and 'Fantasy Island' and the Singapore River.

Singapore is a multi-racial country. You can find a wide variety of foods, that is why it is sometimes called the Food Paradise, where you can find Muslim, Chinese, Indian and western food. ... Singapore is also like a garden, where you can see many trees and plants along the roadside. Our environment is very clean because the cleaners sweep our streets and neighbourhood daily.

Chinatown in Singapore dates back to the British settlement ... the British divided the city into districts. Many people lived in shophouses which are two-storey buildings with businesses on the ground floor and living accommodation upstairs. Today the historical importance of the area is recognised and Chinatown is undergoing reconstruction.

... my country has a lot of housing development. There are apartment buildings of over 40 storeys high.

... there are many buildings here in Singapore, and is quite advanced. ... Our most loved food is Laksa, Ice Kachang, Satay and char Kuay Tiao. ... Most people in Singapore speak Singlish (which is only half of proper English).

Emails from pupils in Singapore

Sir Stamford RafflesHi there, I am from Singapore, and the weather’s real hot ... and very humid. My hobbies are roller blading, playing on the computer and lots more. ...

I live in Geylang Bahru in Singapore. My hobbies are swimming, reading English storybooks and riding my bicycle. ... I like to eat Chicken Cutlet Rice in a hawker centre. A hawker centre is where we buy food in a big place with many stores selling different kinds of food but it is not air-conditioned.

Hi! I am 11 years old. My hobbies are playing soccer, basketball and badminton. I like basketball the best, it needs a lot of strength and energy. I always watch TV before school but my mother has taken out the plug, so I have to do homework ...

I am an eleven year old boy and I like to make new friends. I have a few hobbies. I like to play bicycle, roller blade, badminton and swimming. Every Sunday, I attend swimming lessons in the morning at the Police Academy. Whenever I am free, I enjoy playing roller blade, badminton or riding a bicycle. ... Chinese New Year is coming soon and as expected we will be going to Chinatown to shop for our clothing, poster and New Year goodies. I am looking forward to the festive season.

Emails about Chinese New Year

We Chinese like to wear cheongsum during Chinese New Year. Malays like to wear sarung. Indians like to wear sari. We have Chinese temples, mosques (the Malays) and Indian temples. Chinese go to the temple to pray to have good luck.

We celebrate many festivals in Singapore. As Chinese, we celebrate Chinese New Year. Most families will gather to have their reunion dinner on the eve. On the first day of Chinese New Year, everyone will visit their friends and relatives. The children will pay respect to their parents and grandparents. Hongbaos (red packets) are given for blessings. We exchange mandarin oranges when we meet each other. They are meant for good luck. Auspicious words are said. Candies and delicacies are served.

I had just spent my last week enjoying my Chinese New Year. I ate nian gao which is a certain kind of flour mixed with water. The outcome a very sticky and soft paste. I too like Bah kuaw, which is also eaten on Chinese New Year. It is a kind of sweet barbecued pork which goes well with plain rice.

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