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Falkland Islands Information - Page 2
Colonies were established in the Falkland Islands by the French and the British in the 1760s.

Possession of the Falkland Islands was disputed between Britain and Spain.

Spain and Argentina also colonized the Falklands.

In 1820 Argentina also made a claim on the islands.

The British established a naval base on the Falkland Islands in 1833.

The town of Stanley was founded in 1843.

In the Second World War a British Royal Navy force, based in the Falklands, won the Battle of the River Plate, gaining control of the South Atlantic.

Argentina invaded the Falkland Islands on 2 April 1982. United Kingdom armed forces re-took the Territory in June of the same year.

In 2013 the Falkland Islanders voted to remain a British Overseas Territory.

The majority of the working population is employed in agriculture - mainly sheep farming - and fishing.

Fishing licences in the Falklands' fishing zone are sold to foreign fishing fleets.

Exports include wool, postage stamps and coins.

Tourism is an expanding industry with many thousands of visitors a year.

There are oil reserves in the seabed surrounding the Falkland Islands; the Falkland Islands Government began to auction oil production licences in 1996.

Crafts include knitwear and hand-made woollen rugs. Other products are pottery, wooden items and jewellery,

Sports in the Falkland Islands are football, basketball, hockey, squash, badminton, swimming and athletics.

Game fishing is a popular sport in the main rivers and estuaries of the Falklands.

Easter, Christmas and New Year are celebrated. Other days commemorated include Liberation Day - 14 June (1982).

News from the Falkland Islands is available from Newslink.

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