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The Falkland Islands, an Overseas Territory of the UK, is in the Atlantic Ocean, east of southern Argentina. It consists of the two main islands of East and West Falkland and a number of smaller islands.

Stanley, on East Falkland, is the Territory's capital.

The terrain is hilly and mountainous with some boggy plains. Rivers are the San Carlos River on East Falkland, and the Chartres and Warrah Rivers on West Falkland.

The climate of the Falkland Islands is cold marine.

The Falkland Islands lie between the Antarctic and the South American continent.

The fisheries of the South Atlantic support a variety of birds and marine animals which breed on the islands. There are over twenty Falklands Conservation Nature Reserves.

Birds found on the Falklands include grebes, oystercatchers, sandpipers, herons, hawks, falcons and petrels. There is also a colony of Black-browed Albatross. Penguin species are Gentoo, King, Macaroni, Magellanic and Rockhopper.

Elephant seals, fur seals and sea lions inhabit the islands. Dolphins, porpoises and whales are found in the surrounding sea.

The Territory of the Falkland Islands has small population. Many of the people live in rural areas; Stanley is the main urban centre.

Architectural styles are similar to those found in some English villages. Christ Church Cathedral is the most prominent building. Government House is another large building in the capital.

The population of the Falkland Islands was estimated at 3,662 in 2021.

English is spoken in the Falkland Islands.

Most of the people of the Falkland Islands are Christians. The largest church is the Anglican Church. Others religions are Roman Catholic, Evangelist, Jehovah's Witness, Lutheran, Seventh-Day Adventist, and the United Free Church.

The cuisine of the Falkland Islands is influenced by traditional British food. Examples are lamb chops, meat puddings and fish and chips.

Falkland Islanders grow vegetables such as cauliflowers and potatoes. Meat includes chicken, lamb and mutton. Seafood is an important part of the diet. Dairy products are eaten.

Pickled vegetables and jams are produced. Puddings, cakes, scones and biscuits are popular.

Drinks include tea, coffee, soft drinks and beer.

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