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Bhutan has been a Buddhist country since the middle of the seventh century.

Border conflicts with the British in India began in the eighteenth century. Following the Duar War (1864-1865) Britain and Bhutan signed the Treaty of Sinchulu. The Treaty ceded land to British India in return for an annual payment.

In 1910 a Treaty between Bhutan and the United Kingdom gave the UK control over Bhutan's foreign affairs.

India took over the UK's role following India's independence in 1947 - land ceded to the British in 1865 was returned to Bhutan.

Bhutan has strong links with India and benefits from India's financial assistance.

The agricultural sector, including animal husbandry and forestry, provides employment for a large percentage of the working population.

Agricultural products include rice, maize, root crops, citrus fruits, dairy products and eggs.

In April 2009 Huanglongbing virus decimated the orange crop; an important export for Bhutan.

Principal industries are hydroelectric power, calcium carbide, cement, wood products, alcoholic beverages and processed fruits.

Tourism, although controlled, is an important source of foreign exchange.

Weaving is a part of daily life for many families. National dress, worn by all Bhutanese, is traditionally made from cloth produced by hand looms.

Religion has a major impact on the arts: painting, literature, music and drama.

Masked dance dramas, performed by monks, pass on stories and teachings.

Archery is the national sport in Bhutan. Football, basketball, volleyball and cricket are played.

The Himalayas provide plenty of opportunities for hiking and climbing.

All religious holidays are celebrated. National Day - 17 December - celebrates the foundation of the monarchy in 1907.

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