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Tuesday 22nd September
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The 2004 route was sent to us by our partners in Greece. It crosses the continents represented by the Olympic rings and visits every city that has hosted the Olympics.

"the Olympic flame is the primary symbol of the Olympic ideal, noble competition, friendship and peaceful coexistence" (Yias sou)

25 March 2004: Ancient Olympia, Greece. Yias sou The Olympic Flame was lit in the ruins of Ancient Olympia where the first Olympic Games took place in 776 BC. The first 2004 torchbearer was the javelin thrower, Kostas Gatsioudis.
4 June 2004: Sydney, Australia. G'day The Flame, carried in a special lantern, arrived at Sydney airport in a Boeing-747 called Zeus. The Flame was taken to the Sydney Opera House and the Olympic gold medallist Cathy Freeman was the first torchbearer to carry the Torch in Australia.
5 June 2004: Melbourne, Australia. G'day On Saturday 5 June the Olympic Torch Relay arrived in Melbourne, the host of the 1956 Olympics. The Torch was carried by over one hundred and thirty torchbearers including competitors from the 1956 Games.
6 June 2004: Tokyo, Japan. Konnichiwa On Sunday the Torch Relay set out from Japan's Imperial Palace in Tokyo. Despite heavy rain, many dancers and musicians celebrated the arrival of the Flame. Buddhist monks performed the Dance of Peace. The capital city was host to the 1964 Olympic Games.
7 June 2004: Seoul, South Korea. Annyong ha shimnikka The Flame arrived in Seoul, the capital of South Korea on Monday. Seoul was the host of the 1988 Olympic Games and co-host city for the 2002 Football World Cup. The torchbearers carried the Torch through the capital from the Gate of Peace in the Olympic Park
9 June 2004: Beijing, China. Ni hao On Tuesday 8 the Torch was carried by torchbearers along the Great Wall of China. On Wednesday the Torch Relay progressed to Tiananmen Square in Beijing; the Torch was also carried to the Forbidden City and the Summer Palace.
10 June 2004: Delhi, India The Olympic Torch passed many of Delhi's historical landmarks such as Humayun's Tomb (on the World Heritage list). The tourism secretary said that the arrival of the Flame in India was an event of historic importance.
11 June 2004: Cairo, Egypt The Olympic Flame arrived in Egypt on Friday and passed through Cairo and then on to the Pyramids. Torchbearers included people from other African countries.
12 June 2004: Cape Town, South Africa. Molo The Mayor of Cape Town welcomed the Olympic Flame: "The arrival of the Flame means a lot to Cape Town - not only for the unity of people, but for small communities, too, something my city needs greatly." Nelson Mandela's lawyer was one of the torchbearers and Nelson Mandela raised the Olympic Torch outside the building where he was held for a number of years of his imprisonment.
13 June 2004: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Olá The Mayor of Rio de Janeiro escorted the Flame from South Africa to Brazil. A percussion band led the Torch Relay from Rio's Maracana Stadium. Pele was the first torchbearer.
15 June 2004: Mexico City, Mexico. Mexico City, the highest city in North America and the capital of Mexico, hosted the Olympic Games in 1968. To welcome the Olympic Flame students took part in a display of many different sports in Mexico's Olympic Stadium.
16 June 2004: Los Angeles, USA. Hi Los Angeles was the first of four stops in the USA. LA was the dual host to the Olympic Games in 1932 and 1984. The city's Mayor said that forty-two percent of Los Angeles' inhabitants had been born in another country. He continued: "Harmonious coexistence in a way represents the Olympian ideals." Tom Cruise and Sylvester Stallone were torchbearers.
17 June 2004: St Louis, USA. Hi St. Louis was the Olympic Flame's second stop in the US. One hundred years ago St. Louis hosted the Olympic Games. The Torch Relay started from the great Gateway Arch, gateway to the West. The first torchbearer received the Olympic Torch from Nadia Comaneci, the Romanian gymnast who was the first gymnast to score a perfect ten.
18 June 2004: Atlanta, USA. Hi On Friday the Olympic Flame reached Atlanta, the host of the 1996 Centennial Olympic Summer Games. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was born in Atlanta and in the 1960s the city was the focal point of the Civil Rights movement.
19 June 2004: New York, USA. Hi Saturday the Olympic Flame travelled through New York visiting Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park, the Yankee Stadium, the Rockefeller Center, the UN building, Ground Zero and Times Square. In a speech the Athens 2004 President offered "an invitation to the World to embrace once more the Olympic ideals that unite all of us: our humanity, our aspiration for a perfect result - and most important of all, Peace".
20 June 2004: Montreal, Canada. Hi The next stop was Montreal, the host to the 1976 Olympic Summer Games. The Olympic Torch visited ethnic communities of the city, emphasizing the multicultural nature of Montreal.

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