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Bermuda, an Overseas Territory of the UK, is a group of islands in the North Atlantic Ocean, east of South Carolina, USA.

The first capital of Bermuda was St. George's. Hamilton has been the capital since 1815.

Bermuda consists of over one hundred and thirty coral islands and islets. The main islands are linked by causeways and bridges. Bermuda has no rivers or freshwater lakes.

The climate is subtropical.

Bermuda is a group of isolated islands in the North Atlantic Ocean. Some flora and fauna was introduced by colonists and some flora arrived by chance, discarded by birds or washed up on the shores.

In 1996 the Curator of the Natural History Museum at the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo initiated the Bermuda Biodiversity Project to gather, analyse and disseminate the biological information necessary for the sustainable use of Bermuda's living resources.

The Bermuda National Trust is also concerned with conservation of the environment. Nature reserves under the care of the Trust include Idwal Hughes Nature Reserve (woodland with an extensive cave system), Spittal Pond (Bermuda's largest bird sanctuary), Warwick Pond (the second largest freshwater pond in Bermuda) and Gladys Morrell Nature Reserve (a nesting area of the Bermuda Bluebird).

The Bermuda National Trust preserves buildings, lands, artefacts and places of beauty or historic interest. The Trust's headquarters is located in a three hundred and twenty year old house built by the Trimingham family. An even older Trust property is a cottage built by Captain Dew around the turn of the seventeenth century.

The Historic Town of St George was founded in 1612. Designated a World Heritage Site in 2000, St George is an excellent example of early settlement in the New World.

The population of Bermuda was estimated at 68,679 in 2011. Over fifty percent of the population is of black descent.

English is the official language. Portuguese is also widely spoken.

Around seventy percent of the people are Christian.

The flavour of Bermudian food is influenced by the cultures of its ethnic groups, such as British, West Indian and Portuguese.

Seafood plays an important part in the diet. Recipes are those for Bermuda fish chowder, codfish and bananas, and mussel stew. There are a variety of vegetables such as cassava (cassava pie), sweet potatoes (sweet potato pie) and Bermuda onions (onion casserole).

Fruits grown locally are bananas, citrus fruits, guavas, loquats, papayas, strawberries and Surinam cherries.

Drinks include tea, coffee, beer and wine. Black Seal Rum with ginger beer is a popular local drink.

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