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Tuesday 21st May
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Extract from an email from a teacher in Ontario, Canada

Lilian from China ... good things are already being shared. My principal is aware of what we are doing and has shared our stories with our superintendant. Students have shared stories with their families ... and so on ... laying the foundation for a better world ... one brick at a time. I recently had a student teacher working with me who has shared this program with new teachers at the university and I hope they will pass it on.

Lecturer from Armenia

I will recommend your wonderful site to anyone interested in learning about the different cultures, countries and people of the world.

Email from a teacher in Sri Lanka

Your work is excellent as a volunteer and it seems like you teach to the whole world. I have recommended WIZ for many students for their project works. And many of my university friends are visiting WIZ for their needs of facts.

Education Administrator, Namibia

Iíll certainly inform others about your work!

Emails from a teacher in Oakland, California

"Our students have very few opportunities in their lives, especially for travel, but the project has become a valuable way for them to virtually visit and learn about different countries and get an idea of how big the world is and how we are still very much alike. The students receive immediate replies, which is very important for their age group, since they have very limited attention spans.

Email from John Wu, Project Coordinator, China

John travelling to lectures in Guangzhou Xinhua Bookstore is the largest Chinese state-owned enterprise of book stores (there are 10 in our city-Shaoguan). All the book stores have displayed the same poster for two weeks: "John Wu, an educator from our municipal education bureau has successfully cooperated with foreign school classes through the Internet. If you are interested to attend John Wu's lecture please feel free to go to Xinhua English Salon, Shaoguan Shu Cheng."

Email from a teacher in Texas, USA

I will place this as one of the bookmarks. I love to use innovative ways of teaching and ways that students can explore the world. I am however a product of the "old school". I hated school when growing up and I am trying not to use outdated teaching methods.

Teacher, Quebec, Canada

I'm writing to you from Quebec, Canada ... I was actually totally amazed by your website and unit Linking Our World. Way to go!

An email from Hong Kong (Stockholm Challenge)

Hope you had a good stay in Stockholm, I did and equally our Team. Hope that there are more chance for exchange of ideas to change the world.

Email from Kansas, USA

It was fun to attend the Challenge and be able to meet such great folks doing good work around the world.

Email from the United Arab Emirates

Your website is wonderfully informative with great photographs. You have done so much work ... Remember if you are ever passing through the UAE, look us up.

Email from London, ICT for Schools

Good to see that the project is being so well received and that it was awarded the diploma at Stockholm International Challenge.

Email from one of Marsha's students, Ein Ganim School

In the 5th grade we started to write on the website to you, when we started it was very strange because we wrote to strangers and in the English language, and it was very hard to write the letters because we didnít know how to write without mistakes, and in every letter we had a lot of mistakes.

Now we know all of you and we know how to write in the English language very well.

Thank you for those wonderful two years. ... I will miss you and I hope you will continue to write on the website. (On D)

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