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Sunday 18th August
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Email from Karen Eini, the Project Director of Friends and Flags

Lilian from China I have been reviewing World InfoZone and Linking Our World and I wanted to compliment your work. You and Marsha (Dream A Dream) have done an excellent job of collaborating on the materials collected from students and teachers around the world. With your permission I would like to connect your work back to the Friends and Flags website.

Comment from Paul Cook, Educational Consultant, Yorkshire, UK

I enjoyed reading all the different perspectives of the children and can see how useful this site could be for schools everywhere!

Terry Handley, Key Stage 3 National Strategy Consultant. Lincolnshire LEA, United Kingdom

The Linking Our World project provides an excellent vehicle to develop a global awareness of different cultures. It enables the participants to communicate on a global basis, and, whilst on this voyage of discovery to learn about each other, to develop their ability/capability of ICT use. It is also worth noting that involvement in such a project will help schools motivate pupils to fulfil the KS3 communication objective of National Curriculum in ICT.

Professor, Central Washington University, USA

... I enjoy your site and have my students use it.

Email from the Education Coordinator at a school in Stoughton, Massachusetts, USA

What a great site. My immediate reaction after looking at the wealth of information and internet opportunities is that this project should really be explored thoroughly - it's extremely comprehensive and ongoing!

Email from a teacher in Turkey

I'm from Istanbul. I've checked your website, well, all I can say is that it's amazing! Congratulations for creating such a website useful for any teacher and student anywhere in the world. We'll be glad to exchange email and work on projects with you.

Email from a teacher in Bangladesh

... it's simply wonderful. I have bookmarked all the links for further studies and research.

Email from a teacher in Azerbaijan

I think that your activity is very useful and helps people in the different countries to study life and culture of other countries.

Email from Saar A, Ein Ganim School

I learn English in Marsha's class and I am very inspired by this site. I think your project is very unique. You don't see people that are so eager to get world peace. I appreciate every piece of your work. Very nice project. Significant work.

Extract from an email from a pupil and parent from Ein Ganim School

I like this project very much because it's fun to correspond with people around the world, to learn about different countries and different cultures and to meet new friends. ... I like to tell children about me, about our holidays and our country and I like to learn about them, about their holidays and their country.

Hi, I'm N's mom, I want to thank you and Marsha for this project. ... This project is very educational and I hope that my child will continue to correspond with the children from all over the world.

Email from the mother of a pupil in China (Lilian's class)

Hi! Iím glad to know that my daughter and her classmates have been communicating with your pupils over the internet. I share the happiness that it brings to the children. I think that the understanding must strengthen each other.

Richmond & Twickenham Times, London Newspaper

One of the key projects run on the World InfoZone site is Linking Our World which encourages school children from around the world to communicate with each other. The project started when Ein Ganim teamed up with the WIZ Linking the World project. They were soon involved with partner schools around the globe. The schools are now signing up to a Tolerance Pledge.

Linking Our World - Finalist in the Stockholm Challenge

I am so happy that you are in such a distinctive list of groups! It is impressive! (Pam, Texas)

Email from Palestine

Thank you for the link, it is beautiful. I will work on providing you with information.

Email from Slovenia

Please accept my congratulations for your success. Your website is evidently very interesting, useful and instructive. ... Hoping your website reaches numerous young people around the world and keep them well informed about important current affairs and events and so help them to know each other better and better whatever location they are.

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