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Monday 25th September
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The Twickenham & Richmond Tribune was founded as a local online newspaper for and by local people in Twickenham and the surrounding towns. A place where people can have their letters published, have their say and where their articles can be published online.

... And as well as local news the Tribune also aims to bring people into contact with the wider world, just as those in a number of countries enjoy the Tribune. World InfoZone, produced by one of the Tribune team, is a useful international resource which tries to bring a global dimension to the online newspaper.

The Twickenham Tribune Goes Global

Edition 51 of the Twickenham Tribune, published on 28 October 2017, was produced in Rome as the Tribune took part in the Global Junior Challenge (GJC), organised by Fondazione Mondo Digitale, under the high patronage of the Italian Presidency. The Tribune was invited to attend as a Finalist in the Challenge.

The aim of the biannual event is to promote the innovative use of ICT in the social inclusion area, education for life, training and intercultural cooperation and to encourage young generations to share in some of the best practice in the use of ICT.

The Tribune was pleased to take the opportunity, not only to interact with those at the event, but to showcase the towns in the Twickenham constituency as well as exhibit some of the Tribune’s work.


The Twickenham & Richmond Tribune is produced by Twickenham Alive and World InfoZone. See Twickenham Alive's work within the Twickenham community on Page 2, especially Twickenham Alive's active participation on Twickenham Riverside.

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