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Thursday 7th July
Annyong ha shimnikka from South Korea

Annyong ha shimnikka from SOUTH KOREA

The South Korean school has a forum where they write information about themselves. One of the pupils writes that he lives in Suncheon city and wants to be a scientist, another likes to play computer games and hopes to be a computer programmer and a third wants to be an English teacher.

Extracts from an email from South Korea

"First of all, I'd like to thank you for giving us opportunities to think and learn about other countries. As you know, most children do not know about many countries in spite of their concerns about what is happening in the world.

... This means our continuous mutual exchanges are needed between you and us."

Information about food in South Korea

traditional food"The partner school in South Korea has provided information about food eaten in South Korea. Recipes include those for Bap (steamed rice), Guk (soup), Jjigae (stew), Jeongol (casserole), Namul (vegetables or wild greens), Gui (marinated meats and fish barbecued over a charcoal fire), Jeon (pan-fried dishes) and Mandu (dumplings).

Rice has been the staple food since ancient times and various fermented and preserved foods, such as kimchi (fermented spicy cabbage), jeotgal (matured seafood with salt) and doenjang (fermented soy bean paste) give South Korean food its special flavour.

Email from pupil in South Korea

Today is 'Ace Day'. Ace is a brand name of a famous cookie company. It is not a national ceremony but a kind of festival among the young people. Today I gave 30 Aces to classmates and I got 41 Aces from many friends. In Ace Day, we give Aces to friends whom we like ... Anyway, it's one of cultures among the Korean youth.

Information about taekwondo

taekwondo The partner is South Korea has provided the following information.

The traditional martial art in South Korea is taekwondo. "Skill in taekwondo is measured with a grading system in which the learner progresses from an ungraded beginner to a grade holder. The grades are counted in reverse from 10th grade (the lowest) to 1st grade (the highest). The belt is an important part of the taekwondo uniform and comes in five colors indicating the levels of achievement: white, yellow, blue, red, and black."

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We would like to thank the Webmaster of Photo-Korea (South Korea) for the use of the photograph at the top of the page, Jonathan Seo (YeonSeung Academy, South Korea) for the photo of his pupils, and the official website of Seoul City (Seoul Focus) for the photos of traditional food and taekwondo.

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