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Wallis and Futuna is an Overseas Territory of France.

The Territory consists of Wallis Island (Ile Uvea), Futuna Island (Ile Futuna), Ile Alofi and twenty islets in Oceania.

Mata-Utu, on Wallis, is the capital of Wallis and Futuna.

The islands are of volcanic origin. Mont Singavi (765 m), the highest point on the island, is on Futuna.

The climate of Wallis and Futuna is tropical.

Only a small part of the original forest remains on Wallis and Futuna. Futuna is particularly prone to erosion.

Wallis has a number of crater lakes. Lake Lalolalo is one of the island's most scenic lakes.

Various species of birds such as frigatebirds and terns can be found in the islands. The surrounding seas are inhabited by a variety of marine life including rays and dolphins.

Traditional houses on Futuna follow the Samoan style. The fale is designed to protect occupants from the sun and the rain and to keep the inside temperature as comfortable as possible.

Light timber is used to construct the frame. Rafters and beams of the domed roof, covered with thatch, are bound together with rope. The fale does not have walls but blinds made from woven palm leaves are used when required

The population of Wallis and Futuna was estimated at 15,398 in 2011.

Wallisian and Futunian are spoken. Around eleven percent of the people speak French.

The majority of the people are Roman Catholic.

Staple foods in Wallis and Futuna include cassava, taro, sweet potatoes, yams and breadfruit. Bread and fish are also eaten.

A traditional earth oven, or umu, is used for cooking chicken and pork on special occasions.

Fruits grown are bananas, coconuts, mangoes, papayas, pineapples and citrus fruits.

Drinks include tea and coffee. Kava is a traditional Polynesian drink.

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