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The Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI), in Oceania, consists of two archipelagic island chains of 29 atolls, each made up of many small islets, and five single islands.

Majuro is the capital of the Marshall Islands.

Many of the small islands are composed of coral limestone, others are sand islands. The highest point is 10 m.

The climate is tropical. The rainy season in the Marshall Islands is from May to November.

The islands are low-lying and there is concern that they may disappear if sea levels rise through global warming. A United Nations report in 1989 predicted that rising sea levels, caused by global warming, will cover the RMI by 2030. It is said that the Marshall Islands are a "front line state" with regard to climate change.

Trees found in the Marshall Islands include coconut palms and pandanus palms.

Over seventy species of birds have been identified in the RMI. Fifteen species of sea birds breed on the islands.

A variety of reef fish live in the waters and coral reefs off the coast. Other inhabitants in the surrounding seas are whales, dolphins, porpoises and marine turtles.

Majuro, the capital, is an urban area. Styles of architecture vary although modern materials such as concrete and sheet metal are used.

Colonial buildings can still be seen in some areas.

The population of the Marshall Islands was estimated at 55,000 in 2018.

Marshallese and English are both official languages of the Marshall Islands.

The majority of the Marshallese are Christians.

Staple foods in the Marshall Islands are breadfruit and taro. These are supplemented with fish, crabs, pork, chicken and eggs. Rice, flour and tinned meats are imported.

Bananas, melons, papayas, coconuts and hala fruits (pandanus) are grown.

Drinks include coffee, cola and coconut milk.

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