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Burkina Faso is in Western Africa, bordered by Cote d'Ivoire, Mali, Niger, Benin, Togo and Ghana.

Ouagadougou is the capital. Bobo-Dioulasso is the second largest city.

The terrain is mainly flat, with undulating plains, and hills in the west and southeast. Principal rivers are the Mouhoun, Nakambe and Nazinon.

The climate in Burkina Faso is tropical.

Protected areas in Burkina Faso include Arly and Nazinga game parks. The W National Park is a transboundary reserve shared by Benin, Burkina Faso and Niger.

Animals found in Burkina Faso are antelopes, baboons, buffaloes, crocodiles, elephants, hippopotamuses, lions, monkeys and wild boar.

Burkina Faso is a predominantly rural country. Architectural styles vary but traditional buildings incorporate the use of modern materials, such as metal sheet roofing.

High-rise office blocks can be seen in the capital, along with older buildings such as the Ouagadougou Central Mosque.

The population was estimated at 20.9 million in 2022.

French is the official language in Burkina Faso. Most of the people speak indigenous languages.

A significant number of people follow indigenous beliefs. Around half are Muslim and ten percent are Christian.

Porridge, made from maize, millet or sorghum flour, is a staple food in Burkina Faso. Sauces are also an important part of the daily diet. Rice with sauce is a typical meal.

Fish are caught in the rivers and chickens are reared.

Local vegetables are beans, cabbages, carrots, cucumbers, okra, onions, peppers, plantains, radishes, spinach, squash, sweet potatoes and yams.

Fruits include bananas, coconuts, limes, mangoes, oranges, papayas, pineapples, strawberries and watermelons. Goundnuts (peanuts) are available.

Soft drinks, beer, and palm wine are produced locally.

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