Wiz Quiz - Italy

Italy Quiz

1) Name the largest island in the Mediterranean. Answer: Sicily.

2) What is the capital city of Italy? Answer: Rome.

3) Name the active volcano in Sicily. Answer: Etna.

4) Who was the first Caesar of the Roman Empire? Answer: Julius.

5) The following statement is NOT true: Answer: Vatican City is in San Marino.

6) Who was Spartacus? Answer: a slave during the time of the Romans.

7) Why is Andrea Palladio famous? Answer: architecture.

8) Which of the following was an Italian architect? Le Corbusier, Bernini, Oscar Niemeyer. Answer: Bernini.

9) What is Bergamo? Answer: a city in Italy.

10) Who was Fibonacci? Answer: a mathematician.

11) What was named after Alessandro Volta? Answer: a unit of electricity.

12) Who was Garibaldi? Answer: a key player in the unification of Italy after the Napoleonic Wars

13) What is Olivetti? Answer: an office equipment company.

14) Where would you find zabaglione? Answer: a restaurant.

15) The following statement describes Italy's entry to the European Economic Community (now the EU). Answer: Italy was one of the founders of the Economic European Community.

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