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Tuesday 22nd September
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Hi from the USA

Emails from Lockwood, CALIFORNIA, USA

Do you celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday? I do because if it wasn't for him, K wouldn't be able to be my friend because she is black and I am white. Dr King is the one who said, "I have a dream that black people and white people can go to school together. They can go to work together. They can go play in the park together and go buy food in the same store. They can get on the same bus." I wish he was still alive because he could go to other places and help others. I want to be just like him when I grow up.

Do you celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday? He was a good man. His birthday was January 15. He got shot because he helped to change the law so black people and white people could do the same things. Before, they could not get along and could not drink out of the same water fountain and other things. I am sad that he got shot.


Driggs SchoolWhat wonderful pictures ... I will try to send some of our town but they will not be as pretty as yours. Waterbury is an industrial town (city) of over 108,000 people.

Our teacher will be sending you pictures soon of our city with all the snow. Our country was governed by England until our revolution in 1776. So we too can visit different historical areas but there are not many around here. Our city was once a busy industrial area now it is mostly stores and a few factories. We are half an hour from our state capital of Hartford and 45 mins fom the ocean. But we have many parks and movie theaters to visit.

Emails from Sacramento, CALIFORNIA, USA

What is your favorite video game? Mine is Fire Emblem. What's your favorite fast food restaurant? Mine is KFC, which is short for Kentucky Fried Chicken. They serve chicken, mashed potatoes and cole slaw. I also like to eat pizza, mostly cheese pizza. When I buy ice cream, I buy Cookie Dough ice cream. What kind do you like? The best movie I saw this year was Lord of the Rings 3. ... Have you been watching the Australian Open? (that's a tennis tournament).

... my favorite ice cream is Cookies and Cream. My favorite restaurant is fast food and it is In & Out. It sells hamburgers, milkshakes, soda, and french fries. What makes it different is that the french fries are made right there from real potatoes. It is all fresh. It's a new restaurant and it's very popular.

Email from the Homeschool, INDIANA, USA

Buckie Right now as we write you, it is snowing a lot ... we should have at least 4 inches of snow on the ground. Yes, we love playing in the snow. Our favorite thing to do is get sleds and go to a park where there are hills and slide down the hills on our sleds. You can go very fast if someone gives you a real good push from the top of the hill. Winter has its good points, but our favorite is probably summer ... it seems like there is a bit more to do in the summer. In winter, streets can get hard to drive on because of snow and ice. ... We are sending you a picture of our dog (Buck) playing in the snow.

... we forgot to tell you what we like to cook! R made dinner on Thursday, and she made baked chicken, mashed potatoes with gravy, and fruit with Jello, and an apple pie! We also like to make Chili soup, tacos, and fried chicken!

... Pies are one of our favorites and cookies. What kind of cake do you like to make? Sometime it would be fun to exchange recipes if you had something you would like to share! Our next holiday is Valentines Day and it is a day that we tell others we love them, especially those who are married or have someone that is special to them. Our grandma sends us heart shaped cookies in the mail and cards too. Do you celebrate Valentines Day or have a holiday that is similar?

Emails from OREGON, USA

I live in Albany, Oregon. It takes ten minutes to get to Corvallis. ... My mom is a native American Indian. The first people in America were called Indian. ... America's national flag is the Star Spangled Banner.

I live in Lebanon, Oregon. I go to (public) school Monday through Friday. I like to play hockey. Hockey is a sport where you use a special stick to hit a flat plastic ball, called a puck, into a goal. A goalie tries to block it. I like to be a goalie. My sister plays hockey too. Do you play hockey?

I play two instruments, the piano and the violin. The violin is harder to play. Do you have any instruments you play? My favorite sport is football. What is yours?

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