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Friday 23rd August
Hi from the USA - Page Two

Hi from the USA

Emails from OREGON, USA

Michal wrote us a letter asking where are some places we like to go. Elana likes to go to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to see historical things like the Liberty Bell and our Declaration of Independence, and Betsy Ross's house (she created our first American flag). Ashlee likes to go to California to visit an amusement park called Disneyland. Sam thinks Montana is a cool place for vacation. Spencer likes St. Louis, Missouri to visit grandparents, to see a favorite hocky team (the Blues) and to do lots of fun things in the big city.

Email from a pupil in OREGON

... You know when we were talking about Indians. I have a hero story to tell you. When the United States fought the Japanese during World War II, they used the Navajo servicemen to develop codes to win the war. They were called the Navajo Code Talkers. The Japanese were not able to break the codes.

Emails from Oakland, CALIFORNIA

How are you doing? Are you Jewish? I'm not. I'm white, black, and Korean and Christian. I am glad to be who I am.

Hi!!! We had a BIG storm! We are OK but my back yard had lightning! Write back.

Emails from Oakland, CALIFORNIA

Do you know what Easter is about? It is about when Jesus died on Good Friday and rose on Easter. ... On Easter, I went looking for eggs. But the eggs were plastic and had money inside them and candy. It started raining too ... We find eggs that have candy in them. We paint the eggs every year to celebrate Easter. We get to eat a lot of candy and chocolate. ... This Easter I went to the Beach Boardwalk with my family.

Emails from pupils in Lacey, WASHINGTON (State)

I live in Lacey, Washington. ... I love to play baseball. I play first base and last game I got a homerun that went 205 meters! ... My dad is in Iraq fighting in the war right now. I have never been out of my country. I play an instrument called the cello. It's a very big string instrument.

I live in Rochester, Washington on a farm with my mom, my dad, and my little brother. I have horses, cows, llamas, goats, sheep, chickens, rabbits, dogs, cats, and quail. Do you have any pets? My favorite sport is soccer. Do you have a favorite sport?

Email from a pupil in Palo Alto, CALIFORNIA

We had a mountain lion in our town; everybody got scared. But they found it and killed it ...

Emails from pupils in Sparta, NEW JERSEY

Here in Sparta we get pretty hot summers and cold winters, we get a lot of snow.

I play for a hockey team in New Jersey. We travel all around America. I also play baseball for the Little League All Stars, I am a pitcher and a catcher. I've had one homerun in my life. ... I have a great time playing football in the front yard.

My favorite sport is baseball. My favorite baseball team is the Yankees.

Emails from pupils from Hull, MASSACHUSETTS

There has been lots to celebrate here lately. Boston's baseball team, the Red Sox, won the World Series. They haven't won the World Series in 86 years.

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