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Sunday 18th August
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Extract from an email from a teacher in OREGON

I have had an unusual winter break. My family went to the mountains, and while we were there, the entire area had a snow storm. We were in two feet of snow. When we drove home, our home of Corvallis was recovering from an ice storm. Two days later, another ice storm came through. Many people lost power for several days. Tree limbs have come down on people's houses and cars. The Portland airport was closed for three days. The city is still clearing the tree limbs. Every where you look there are broken branches. ... Now people are finally getting back to a routine life.

Emails from Waterbury, CONNECTICUT

Tai on Milford BeachHere I am at home again due to snow - bet you do not have too many snow days there. ... I will be picking up the pics as soon as I shovel out!! I will try to get out today but will definitely go this weekend barring any more snowstorms!! The class and I loved looking at the pics of your three boys - it is truly amazing and so exciting to see and get to know you all. Technology is truly bringing our world closer.

... I hope you will enjoy seeing these pictures of the snow I took on the beach at Milford, Connecticut. There is also a picture of Tai, my dog.

Email from Sacramento, CALIFORNIA

Our next celebration is Valentine's Day. We decorate in red, pink, white, sometimes silver. Red and pink are the main colors and it's all about love and friendship. I will have to mail you some of our Valentine's Day cards. In a younger grade, about 5th grade or below, each child will give every other child in his class a store-bought Valentine that has a cute saying on it. You can make Valentines, but when you give them to classmates, you usually buy them to save time. Each class will have a party and will open the Valentines (they are in envelopes), and eat the candy that sometimes fits in them. Adults will give their spouse chocolate, flowers, and candy.

Emails from Nikki in CONNECTICUT

East Main Street, Waterbury... the Purim material - it was very interesting. Our Halloween is more of a national fun day of dressing up and eating candy. It does have roots but they are based on pagan customs so many choose not to celebrate it. It occurs yearly on October 31st. At dusk and early evening children go door to door in their costumes and collect candy.

In two weeks the Irish in our country (along with many others) celebrate St Patrick's Day. NYC has a great parade.

Thanks for the history of Passover. I enjoy learning right along with my students - probably more!! We celebrate Easter right along the same time.

On the 11th many Americans celebrate Easter. It is a spring holiday connected to the religious celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. You know him as a prophet. We believe him to be the Son of God who died for our sins, then rose from the dead to join his Father in Heaven. Whatever religion we are I have to say I would rather live by the "do unto others" train of thought. If all humanity just treated each other with the kindness and respect we all desire, the world would be a better place.

Email from PASADENA

We celebrate our Independence Day on July 4th. On that day we have parades, barbecues, family outings, and lots of fireworks at night.

Here in Houston and Pasadena, we have a huge party downtown, where people gather to celebrate our freedom from the country of Great Britain back in 1776. Since then we have enjoyed the freedoms that are given to us by our constitution. The first amendments, or laws, are called our Bill of Rights. These grant us the right to privacy, the right of the practice any religion we feel, our right to bear arms, our right to speak our minds freely, and many others. Our country is almost 230 years old, and have seen a lot of things change. People here are happy to have such freedoms that we do.

Marsha and Nikki in Waterbury, CONNECTICUT

Interview with Nikki and MarshaDuring the summer Marsha met Nikki at Driggs School in Waterbury, Connecticut. An article in an American newspaper described the Internet partnership between Driggs School and Ein Ganim School and about Marsha and Nikki's friendship. The Principal, Mary Ann Marold, of Driggs School also attended the visit and received Marsha warmly. (A radio interview was recorded a few weeks later).

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