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Tuesday 18th June
Ein Ganim Emails


Email to a student in Siberia, Russia (from Avital) - the new sixth grade

I speak Russian with my parents - they are from St. Petersburg. My brother was born there too and they came here when he was 5 years old.

My hobbies are dancing and reading and I like all kinds of sports. My favorite school subjects are History, Sport and Dancing and I don't really like math even though I am good at it. I like English very much and I like all Marsha's projects. I also study French and I will learn Spanish.

Our longest holidays except the summer holidays are the Passover holidays. There are almost 25 days of holidays.

I like the north of Israel. It is a beautiful place full of trees, flowers, lakes and rivers. On Saturdays I walk with friends in the wood or go climbing on a mountain. I love these trips very much. ... My favorite season in the year is the winter.

Holiday in Israel (Eden)

On my Sukkot vacation I visited Eilat. We went to a lot of beautiful places. For example, on the first day we visited the aquatic park. There we were in the underwater observationn room, where we saw some dazzling species of fish and some species of corals. My favorite fish is the Picasson. He is white but near the head has silver and black stripes that glow, and in the bottom of his body the Picasson has red and yellow stripes. The corals were amazing too. There were a lot of different kinds and shapes. There were green, red and yellow corals. After we saw all the fish and corals we went to the oceanarium. The oceanarium is a large simulator. It's like you're in a submarine that can fly and dive. I learned a lot in there about fish, corals and our planet Earth. Then we saw three interesting exhibitions about sharks, pearls and fish that live in the dark. We saw the diver feeding the sharks with tuna fish, a woman showed us how a pearl is made and we saw many beautiful fish.

On the next day we went to Timna. Timna is an historical place; over 3000 years ago the Egyptians took control over the place because they found copper there. We saw a movie that told about Timna. When we got out of the movie we walked to see the Shlomo (Solomon) Pillars, after that we made sand bottles from red, white, yellow and black sand and finally I made copper coins with some sort of machine. After lunch we went to the wildlife reserve. Since we were late we saw only the carnivore section. There were many animals in there like snakes, a tiger and hyenas.

Food I Like from Yahrin.S

I like to eat omelet, spaghetti, pizza and hamburger, and French fries too.

I like Zivva, it's a very special food, made of Malawah (flaky pancake). To make it you need to put a hard boiled egg in the Malawah and you can add cooked mushrooms and other things, and then you roll the Malawah and bake it in the oven.

I eat borekas (pastries), I just love them!! I eat mushroom borekas, potato borekas, cheese borekas and pizza borekas. It's my favorite food. I like jahnun ("pie") too; it's a Yemenite food and takes a long time to make, but it's worth it, it's very tasty, with tomato sauce.

I like omelet with mushrooms and green onions, I prefer to eat it with cheese or a salad. I like hot spaghetti with hot melting cheese on it, especially parmesan cheese, it's tasty if you don't use a lot of it

I like to eat Bamba, it's a peanut snack, I love it. I eat hot pretzels and soft ones, they are very tasty like this.

My favorite ice cream is Shokobo, a chocolate ice cream covered with chocolate and with big chocolate lump in it, there's the same thing in vanilla flavor, I like it less.

I think I want to be a chocolate maker when I will grow up. I like chocolate very much. I like Swedish chocolate, French chocolate, Belgian chocolate, all kinds of chocolate.

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