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Friday 23rd August
Zdravstvuite from Russia - Page Two

Zdravstvuite from RUSSIA

Emails from a teacher in Siberia, Russia

We are working on a project - World Cookery Book - and I wondered if you could send me a recipe of a popular dish?

We will be happy to be involved in all your activities. Do you have any activities where kids can write essays or short stories? I have students who would like to do this after the holidays. ... Communication with people is much better way to know about their country.

Find out about the Siberian [unofficial] Capital City

Novosibirsk is the third largest city in Russia, after Moscow and St. Petersburg. Try this link: - it is our city.

Postings from pupils in Siberia

visit to Altai Mountains
I like snow very much and like to go to Altai mountains. It is wonderful place and not far from Novosibirsk. We were with our class in winter holidays there and you saw my photo with skateboard.

Now people from other countries come to Altai. And in summer there are international camps for students from different countries. In summer people can go hike in mountains and horse ride and also go rafting in fast mountains rivers.

Information about national symbols in Russia from students in Siberia

The State banner has 3 colours: white, blue and red. White stands for earth, blue represents sky and red means liberty. The Russian symbol is a two-headed eagle, the most ancient symbol of Russia. The poetic symbol of Russia ia a birch.

Information about holidays in Russia from students in Siberia

A lot of holidays are celebrated in Russia. New Year's Day is the most favourite holiday. People celebrate it with families or friends. When people meet New Year at 12 o'clock , they go to the street to toboggan, make salutes. Christmas is celebrated on 7 January. It wasn't celebrated during the Soviet times, but now it's an official holiday.

Other holidays are: Defender of Fatherland Day, 23 February. People congratulate men who served in the army.

Women's Day, 8 March. Men give flowers and presents to women and girls and do housework on this day.

1 May is now a holiday of spring. There are not any special celebrations but those who remember Soviet times go to demonstrations.

Victory Day, 9 May, is celebrated to remember a victory of Russian people over the fascists. War veterans are invited to schools before holiday, where they tell students about battles. There is a Parade in Red Square and in large cities. In the evening people can go and watch Victory Salute.

12 June is Independence Day. It's a new holiday for Russian people, no special celebrations; 1 September is Day of Knowledge. Students begin a new school or university year this day; 5 October is Teachers' Day. Students give teachers flowers and prepare concerts; 12 December is Constitution Day; One newly appeared holiday is St Valentines Day. This holiday came from other countries.

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WIZ information on RUSSIA and St Petersburg
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