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Saturday 15th December
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This year, 2016, the Eliott Hotel is celebrating twenty years in Gibraltar. One of the O'Callaghan group of hotels, the Eliott, built around thirty years ago, is in a very central location in the town.

The hotel is named after General Eliott, who commanded the Gibraltar Garrison during the Great Siege of Gibraltar at the time of the American War of Independence. General Eliott is commemorated in the Alameda Botanic Gardens just south of the hotel, past the Trafalgar Cemetery and the cable car to the top of the Rock.

Just a stone's throw from the Eliott Hotel it is possible to find out all about Gibraltar's military history as well as the very early occupation of the Rock at the Gibraltar Museum.

The Gibraltar Museum is a centre for the UK's thirtieth World Heritage site, Gorham's Caves. In 2012 engravings were found on a wall in Gorhamís Cave; the first discovered Neanderthal art. The Gibraltar Museum now houses collections from excavations in the Gorham Caves complex.

The Eliott Hotel itself is at the hub of the town's culture with the Garrison Library, which hosts the Gibraltar Literary Festival, facing the hotel's entrance and original paintings by local artist Gail Francis-Tiron adorning the public areas of the Eliott.

Walking north down Main Street from the Eliott Hotel, past the Cathedral and various shops and architecture of interest, the road reaches Casemates Square - dating from the Moorish occupation - a hive of activity and the venue of many events during the spring and summer months.

The Eliott is definitely the ideal place to start explorations of Gibraltar and its history but many relaxing hours can be spent on the hotelís roof top terrace and swimming pool with views of the Bay, the Rock and the Moorish Castle.

Evenings at the Eliott round off the day with meals on the terrace or in the rooftop restaurant with its amazing views followed by music in the Veranda Bar, a time to relax and maybe plan the day ahead.

In 2017 the Eliott embarked on a £5m refurbishment. The rooftop pool was closed for some time but opened towards the end of June, a very welcome step as Gibraltar has been extremely hot this year.

Places of interest in Gibraltar include Catalan Bay, Sandy Bay, Harding's Battery, the Lighthouse and the Ibrahim-al-Ibrahim Mosque, the Queen's Balcony, St Michael's Cave, the Moorish Castle, the Trafalgar Cemetery, the Alameda Botanic Gardens, Commonwealth Gardens, Queensway Quay Marina, Ocean Village Marina, Camp Bay Lido, Gorhamís Caves and Viewing Platform.

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