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Tuesday 22nd September
Gorham Caves

Gorham’s Cave is 137 metres deep (into the limestone), 40 metres high and 70 metres wide at its entrance. It is the last known site of Neanderthal occupation in the world; other caves in the complex at the base of the eastern face of Gibraltar are Vanguard, Bennett's and Hyena.

The Viewing Platform for the Gorham Cave Complex, completed October 2017.

Photo © World InfoZone Ltd

Approaching the Gorham Cave Complex. Photo © World InfoZone Ltd

Gorham Cave. Photo © World InfoZone Ltd

Vanguard Cave. Photo © World InfoZone Ltd

Leaving the Gorham Cave Complex. August 2017. Viewing Platform October 2017 Photographs © World InfoZone Ltd

Gorham's Cave Complex - Interview with Dr Geraldine Finlayson, Deputy Director of the Gibraltar Museum



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