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Tokelau, in Oceania, is a territory of New Zealand consisting of the atolls of Atafu, Fakaofo and Nukunonu.

There is not a capital but each atoll has its own administrative centre.

Atafu, Fakaofo and Nukunonu are low-lying coral atolls enclosing large lagoons.

The climate of Tokelau is tropical.

Conservation on the islands is overseen by the Council of Elders. The atolls are at risk from rising sea levels caused by global warming.

The most common trees are coconut and pandanus. Other trees include banana, breadfruit and papaya.

Boobies, noddies and terns can be found on the atolls and nearby islets. Green Turtles, Hawksbills and Loggerhead Turtles are known to nest on the islands. Tokelau declared itself a whale sanctury in April 2010.

The traditional Polynesian home was designed to protect occupants from the sun and rain and to keep the inside temperature as comfortable as possible. Building materials were wood and palm leaves.

Today, concrete and corrugated iron are often used in construction.

The population of the Tokelau was estimated at 1,384 in 2011.

Languages spoken are Tokelauan, a Polynesian language, and English.

The majority of the people of Tokelau are Christians.

Fish and shellfish are an important part of the Tokelauan diet. Chicken and pork are also eaten. Breadfruit, sweet potatoes and taro are traditional foods.

Coconuts, bananas, pandanus fruit and papayas are grown.

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