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The Portuguese explored present-day Guinea-Bissau, and the Cape Verde islands, in the fifteenth century.

Portuguese Guinea and the Cape Verde islands were administered jointly by the Portuguese. Present-day Guinea-Bissau became a separate Portuguese Colony in 1870.

In 1951 Portuguese Guinea was made a province of Portugal.

A coup d'etat in Portugal, in 1974, led to former Portuguese possessions gaining independence.

Luis Cabral, the first president of Guinea-Bissau, was overthrown in a coup led by Joao Bernardo Vieira (1980).

Vieira remained in power until 1999; following a civil war in 1998, he was removed by the military.

Kumba Yala was elected president at the beginning of 2000 and remained in power until a coup in September 2003.

Former President Vieira, who was re-elected in 2008, was assassinated in March 2009.

Agriculture and fishing provide a livelihood for the majority of the working population. The agricultural sector earns a significant percentage of Guinea-Bissau's Gross Domestic Product.

Cashew nuts, peanuts, and palm kernels are important exports. Rice is also a major crop. Other food crops are maize, cassava and beans. Cotton is grown. Agricultural products are processed and beer and soft drinks are produced.

Resources are fish, timber, phosphates, bauxite, clay, granite and limestone. Off-shore oil prospecting is in progress. (2008)

Music is an integral part of Guinean Culture. The music of Guinea-Bissau, in particular Creole music known as gumbe, has been brought to an international audience by Manecas Costa.

Football is a popular team game in Guinea-Bissau. Basketball is also played.

All religious holidays are celebrated. Independence Day is on 24 September (1973).

News from Guinea-Bissau is available in Newslink.

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