Wiz Quiz - Spain

Spain Quiz

1) What is the capital city of Spain? Answer: Madrid.

2) Which people in Spain speak Euskara? Answer: the Basques.

3) Name the city that was particularly famous for learning in Islamic Spain. Answer: Cordoba.

4) What is the earliest work of Spanish literature? Answer: El Cid.

5) Who conquered Mexico? Answer: Hernan Cortes.

6) Which Spanish explorer defeated the Incas? Answer: Francisco Pizarro.

7) This Spanish princess married Henry VIII, the English king. Answer: Catherine of Aragon

8) Which Spanish king sent an Armada to invade England? Answer: Felipe II.

9) This territory was ceded to Britain in 1713. Answer: Gibraltar.

10) Spain sold this territory to the United States and in 1845 it became the twenty-seventh State of the USA. Answer: Florida.

11) During the Napoleonic era which member of the Bonaparte family ruled Spain? Answer: Napoleon's brother.

12) Where is Antonio Gaudi's Temple de la Segrada Familia? Answer: Barcelona.

13) Who wrote For Whom the Bell Tolls, set in the Spanish Civil War? Answer: Ernest Hemingway.

14) Spain has produced a number of famous artists: El Greco, Velazquez and Picasso. Which of these artists was not born in Spain? Answer: El Greco.

15) The Spanish introduced this Mexican drink to Europe. Answer: chocolate.

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