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Monday 18th February
WIZ Around the World
WIZ: a schools' rough guide to the world - MJO Merlin John Online (Editor of The TES (Times Educational Supplement) ... "with its international perspective for education, WIZ is an invaluable, interactive resource for schools and colleges." World InfoZone (WIZ) has been acknowledged by many international juries. Read Reviews and Comments

WIZ has benefited from contributions from hundreds of organizations and individuals around the world.

Linking The World: looks at UK links:

Belgium, Chile, China, Greenland, Gibraltar, Guyana, Iceland, Kenya, Lesotho, Italy, Myanmar, Nepal, PNG, Spain, Suriname.


World InfoZone was one of the earliest and largest websites in the UK; in the late 1990s websites were few and far between throughout much of the world. Contact was made with every country of the world.

Students who initially participated in this project took part in one of the very first school internet partnerships. For many years the project was actively involved with the Global Junior Challenge in Rome and the Stockholm Challenge with visits made annually.

World InfoZone was chosen as an Education Finalist in the Global Junior Challenge (Rome) in 2002, 2004 and 2009 and in the Stockholm Challenge in 2004, 2006 (also Culture), 2008 and 2010.

At the end of 2016 World InfoZone founded the Twickenham Tribune, a local newspaper, with Twickenham Alive. In 2017 we were invited by Fondazione Mondo Digitale to exhibit the Twickenham Tribune in Rome.

NEW from World InfoZone: Eating The WIZ Way
- It's Easy, It's Economical and It Works

Eating the WIZ Way was written following a change in diet embarked upon in June 2017. As the author of World InfoZone I had a good start as I had researched food for every country. Eating the WIZ Way includes a country A to Z - an interesting sample from around ten percent of the countries.

A number of health problems today are a result of obesity and perhaps we should think more about our reliance on food that is mass produced rather than preparing it ourselves. Full review.

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