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Friday 23rd February
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WIZ: a schools' rough guide to the world - MJO Merlin John Online "...
with its international perspective for education, WIZ is an invaluable, interactive resource for schools and colleges." World InfoZone has been acknowledged by many international juries. Reviews and Comments

WIZ has benefited from contributions from government departments and various organizations around the world.

Linking The World: UK Facts looks at the UK's links with the world, for example, Brunei, Cameroon, China, Greenland, Guyana, Iceland, Kenya, Lesotho, Myanmar, PNG, Suriname. Find your country's links with other parts of the world in the WIZ country studies.

African Origins: Early Man and Population Movements across the world.

On 15 July 2016 Gorham’s Cave Complex, in the UK's Overseas Territory of Gibraltar, became the UK's thirtieth World Heritage site. Gorham's Cave is the last known site of Neanderthal occupation.

Twickenham Alive Film Festival Do you have a community film? Enter the Twickenham Alive Film Festival. International short films welcome. Categories include "Where I Live". Please send your entries now.

Twickenham's Ice Rink and Twickenham Riverside

The Linking Our World project, a case study in Global Communication, was a Finalist in Sweden's Stockholm Challenge Award for contribution in the global movement of building a better Information Society for all" - 2004 Education and 2006 Culture.

World InfoZone was one of the earliest and largest websites in the UK. Students who initially participated in the project took part in one of the first school internet partnerships. The project was actively involved with the Global Junior Challenge in Rome and the Stockholm Challenge. Contact has been made with organisations in every country of the world and numerous islands.

World InfoZone was an Education Finalist in the Global Junior Challenge (Rome) in 2002, 2004 and 2009 and in the Stockholm Challenge in 2004, 2006 (also Culture), 2008 and 2010.

We would like to thank members of UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) Kyrgyzstan and the Cuban Tourist Board for photos on this page.

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