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Thursday 22nd March
WIZ Around the World
WIZ: a schools' rough guide to the world - MJO Merlin John Online (Editor of The TES (Times Educational Supplement) ... "with its international perspective for education, WIZ is an invaluable, interactive resource for schools and colleges." World InfoZone (wiz) has been acknowledged by many international juries. Reviews and Comments

WIZ has benefited from contributions from government departments and various organizations around the world.

Linking The World: UK Facts looks at the UK's links with the world, for example, Brunei, Cameroon, China, Greenland, Guyana, Iceland, Kenya, Lesotho, Myanmar, PNG, Suriname. Find your country's links with other parts of the world in the WIZ country studies.

On 15 July 2016 Gorhamís Cave Complex, in the UK's Overseas Territory of Gibraltar, became the UK's thirtieth World Heritage site. Gorham's Cave is the last known site of Neanderthal occupation. A viewing platform was opened at the end of 2017.

Twickenham Alive Film Festival Do you have a community film? Enter the Twickenham Alive Film Festival. International short films welcome. Categories include "Where I Live". Please send your entries now.

NEW from World InfoZone: Eating The WIZ Way

Eating the WIZ Way was written following a change in diet which I embarked upon in June last year. Finding that my lazy eating habits had finally caught up with me I decided it was time to do something about it.

As the author of one of the very first world encyclopedias on the internet - (WIZ) - I had a good start as I had looked at food for every country as well as many islands.

Catching up on some of the latest healthy eating reports together with WIZ I produced a small book which was a result of my research and a synopsis of my new diet. I decided to keep it simple and graphical using photographs where possible rather than lots of text.

I must admit that I have been very strict with what I eat and drink but I have been rewarded with a significant easy loss of weight - an unintended side effect - and consequently I feel a lot healthier.


World InfoZone was one of the earliest and largest websites in the UK, and, in fact, the world; in many countries websites were very few and far between. Students who initially participated in the project took part in one of the first school internet partnerships. The project was actively involved with the Global Junior Challenge in Rome and the Stockholm Challenge. Contact has been made with organisations in every country of the world and numerous islands.

World InfoZone was an Education Finalist in the Global Junior Challenge (Rome) in 2002, 2004 and 2009 and in the Stockholm Challenge in 2004, 2006 (also Culture), 2008 and 2010. At the end of 2016 World InfoZone founded a local newspaper with Twickenham Alive. In 2017 we were invited by Fondazione Mondo Digitale to exhibit the Twickenham Tribune in Rome.

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