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Russia Quiz

1) What is the capital of Russia? Moscow, Novgorod, Voronezh.

2) To which royal house did Peter the Great belong? Romanov, Khan, Rurik.

3) From whom did the city of Ekaterinburg get its name? the wife of Peter the Great, a Russian saint, the daughter of Peter the Great.

4) What was commemorated by the 1812 Overture written by Tchaikovsky? the end of the Crimea War, the retreat of Napoleon from Moscow, the end of the Russian Revolution.

5) Which country was Russia's enemy in the Crimean War? Poland, Turkey, Japan.

6) Who married Nicholas II, the last Czar? Alice of Battenberg, Alexandra - granddaughter of Queen Victoria, the Grand Duchess Elizabeth.

7) Who was the author of Doctor Zhivago? Chekov, Tolstoy, Pasternak.

8) War and Peace and Anna Karenina were made into films. Who wrote these novels? Leo Tolstoy, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Aleksandr Pushkin.

9) Who was Grigori Yefimovich? a Russian archaeologist, a famous goldsmith, Rasputin.

10) Who succeeded Lenin as the leader of the USSR? Stalin, Trotsky, Kruschev.

11) Russia and the following countries formed the USSR: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova and Ukraine. Which country is missing? Estonia, Hungary, Poland.

12) Rudolph Nureyev, the ballet dancer, defected to the West from the USSR in 1961. Who was his most famous dance partner? Margot Fonteyn, Uliana Lopatkina, Maija Plisetzkaya.

13) Who was the first cosmonaut? Andrei Sakarov, Neil Armstrong, Yuri Gagarin.

14) The Cuban Missile Crisis brought the world close to nuclear war. Which country was involved in this dispute with the USSR? China, Spain, USA.

15) Which leader of the USSR was responsible for economic reforms (perestroika) and greater openness between countries (glasnost)? Yeltsin, Putin, Gorbachev.

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