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Global Communication Quiz (1)

1) You can learn many things from the global communication project. For instance, do you know where to find the world's largest single-dish radio telescope? Puerto Rico, Netherlands Antilles, Costa Rica.

2) ANZAC Day commemorates the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps who fought in both World Wars. What do people in Australia cook to celebrate ANZAC Day? Pavlova, biscuits, sticky toffee pudding.

3) One school in the project is located on a hill that has a magnificent view of the Bosphorus. Where is this school? Turkey, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan.

4) Naruko is the name for clackers made of wood. Where are clackers used in dances? Namibia, Japan, Netherlands.

5) In the summer we followed the Olympic Torch Relay. The Olympic Flame passed Checkpoint Charlie. Where is Checkpoint Charlie? USA, Belgium Germany.

6) The Olympic Torch Relay passed the International Red Cross building. Where is the Red Cross headquarters? France, Austria Switzerland.

7) A partner school is in Azerbaijan, a former member of the USSR. One of the students told us that Azerbaijan is famous for a particular natural resource. What is the resource? Gold, oil, uranium.

8) Where would you find the Summer Palace and the Gate of Heavenly Peace? Japan, the Philippines, China.

9) On 1 May 2004 a teacher from one of the partner countries wrote about joining the EU. Which country was this? Greece, Italy, Hungary.

10) An earthquake on 26 December 2003 killed over forty thousand people. Where did this natural disaster take place? South Korea, Iran, Solomon Islands.

11) One pupil wrote that the capital of his country has the same name as the island. It is known as The City of Flowers. Which island is this? New Zealand, Singapore, Puerto Rico.

12) Which partner country won the soccer bid for the 2010 World Cup? United Kingdom, South Africa, Italy.

13) One of the teachers in the project lives in Ho Chi Minh City. Where is Ho Chi Minh City? China, Taiwan, Vietnam.

14) About 35 years ago, Martin Luther King Jr, a black American minister, urged black equality and freedom without violence. He is particularly known for a speech that starts with the following words: Citizens of the world, I have a dream, Imagine there's no country.

15) One of the students from the USA told us that the Terminator (Arnold Schwarzenegger) had been elected as the Governor of his State. Where does he live? Texas, California, Indiana.

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