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Monday 1st March
Road to Peace

students from Connecticut, USA

Posted on the Discussion Board: The Roads for Peace

Hello everybody. We are now getting closer and closer to the New Year. I want the people on the Discussion Board to write about the Roads for Peace. We need to write how we can try to achieve peace for the new year that is coming. It is for the future. Hope you all write, Saar (2003).

I am proud to write that my dream for all of you is peace. I hope the younger generation will grow up in a more pleasant world. I pray that the gates for peace will open everywhere ... (Marsha)

For me, as a Christian, I pray for harmony among people. (Jacob, Hong Kong)

The Road to Peace now seems hard but the dreams in our hearts are like the candle-light in the dark. (John Wu, China)

Jill with students About 35 years ago, Martin Luther King Jr a black American minister, urged on "black equality and freedom" without violence. Dr. King loved the song "We Shall Overcome". I think we can learn a lot from his example and from his words and ideas. We can use them in current society. (Jill, Taiwan)

The words of We Shall Overcome contain the lines "We'll walk hand in hand", "We shall live in peace", "We shall all be free", "We are not afraid". The chorus: We shall overcome, We shall overcome, We shall overcome, some day. Oh, deep in my heart, I do believe We shall overcome, some day.

children from Cambodia "Peace is not a relationship of nations. It is a condition of mind brought about by a serenity of soul. Peace is not merely the absence of war. It is also a state of mind. Lasting peace can come only to peaceful people." Jawaharlal Nehru (1889-1964) - India (Quoted by Pam, Texas)

If we can make sure every person goes to bed each night with food and water in their stomachs and a safe place to sleep - I believe many wars would be stopped. ... I think this is the key to The Road to Peace - care about otherís needs more than your own. (Pam, Texas)

pupils from Ein Ganim ... sometimes it looks impossible to find peace. But if we really try and think hard about other people's opinions, we will understand that sometimes we must compromise and share what we have with other people for the good of all of us. (Gil)

... if we kill people we are ruining other people's lives. (On D)

"It is nonviolence only when we love those that hate us" - Gandhi (Quoted by Adrian, Texas)

pupils from China It's a very great idea to have a chance for all peace loving men to write their wishes on your dream forum. ... And as the constellation revolves, the year is being renewed, I dream that human beings love each other and live in peace and tolerance. I really dream of a world full of love and friendship. (Anne, China)

... let's be more tolerant, and accept other people. (Afik)

All the kids all over the world can be friends through the Internet or air-mail. ... I think that the peace will grow from the children. (Amity, USA)

Is world peace possible or does human nature make war inevitable?

students from Japan This is an essay question that Ein Ganim pupils are answering. It is something that many of us may ask. In the correspondence with the students in Japan there were some interesting observations on the nature of war and the need for understanding between people from different countries and religions:

"In the beginning of history, people fought against each other for food and for survival. After agriculture began, they battled to extend their territory. As time passed, however, fights became bigger and more complicated. People began to fight against each other because of differences in things such as religion, thoughts, and race."

students from Japan Another of the students from Japan wrote "... if the borderlines vanish different countries will become friends. I think they are strongly related to war. The other meaning of borderline is in our minds. ... At first, we should end racial prejudice. If we end it, we will become more friendly."

In his essay on War or Peace, Saar (aged 11) mentions countries in the context of the words from the song Imagine by John Lennon:

"The song expresses the things that we need in order to make peace. The second verse talks about the countries that people died for and about the religions. If there are no countries, there would be no people dying for their country."

children from Azerbaijan Imagine there's no country
It isn't hard to do
Nothing to kill of die for
And no religion too

"The third and the last verse of the song tell about possessions that cause fighting and jealousy."

family from Kyrgyzstan Imagine no possessions
I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of man

Saar also writes "many children that live in the world of today live in a reality of war ... the children of today are the future of the world and they need to learn about other cultures and to understand others. When they learn about other countries and about the people in a different country, they understand and realise why they think the way they do."

Extract from Naomi's essay:

I think that world peace is possible if we all work together to achieve it. I know that it is a very difficult goal to reach, because there always seems to be a war going on somewhere in the world. Sometimes it is a big war between different countries. Sometimes it is a civil war between groups of people in one country ... there can be gang wars and religious or political persecution of people. We can all have our little "wars" even in a classroom. Actually, this is the level where we can start working against war. ... We can stop teasing and bullying others. We can ... learn to respect other people who may look different, believe in different things, dress differently or speak a different language.

From Michal A:

... war is the most horrible part of the human being. I believe that each people, no matter who they are, what they are and where they come from, in the bottom of their heart they want to live peacefully, because it is the greatest thing that someone can imagine.

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