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Monday 1st March

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Thames Flood (after heavy rainfall) London, UK (7.8.04)

... Overall I am sure our environment protection in the UK is good but we all suffer the consequences of global warming.

Response to Global Warming Problems - China (7.8.04)

One of my co-workers studied in UK for 3 months the year before last. She said that UK environment was great. Environment protection is wonderful. But now you said that the river in London was polluted badly.

New School Year - Texas, USA (12.8.04)

Our school year is beginning and we are very excited to be participating in the Dream a Dream Discussion Board again this year. ... This is an election year for us - new president and other important political officers. The Olympics are just around the corner from you this year!

Day of Knowledge - student from Siberia, Russia (30.8.04)

We have a holiday on 1st September. It's not very official and national, but it exists. It is called "Day of Knowledge". All students, from all schools and other places, like universites and colleges, begin lessons on this day. In schools usually no lesson. Students bring flowers and have event in street. Administration congratulates students.

Welcome - from Western Australia (1.9.04)

Year 7 Room 2 would like to welcome everyone that's just starting their new school year. We are already over half way through ours.

School Siege - teacher from Shaoguan City, China (4.9.04)

In China, we watched our national CCTV-international channel and Hong Kong TV to see the rescuing work against the terrible terrorist attack on the Russian children and their teachers. ... Our dream is to see all the children in the world grow up in peace; especially their schools and homes should be the best and safest places for them.

School Siege in Beslan - teacher in Croatia (3.9.04)

... To understand the children's suffering, we have to have the mentality of an innocent child, a childlike faith. Are we able to reach that level of humanity?

Caucasus Region - teacher from Russia (4.9.04)

Caucasus region is famous for its traditions, family and children are main values there. Muslim leaders and leaders of several terrorists groups in our country expressed their disapproval. ... We, educators, must teach tolerance and respect of other cultures to our children.

Dream A Dream - Marsha, Petach Tikva (4.9.04)

Dream A Dream encourages educators and children to look for a better world, with no wars and no hatred. The future generation will find the solution, this is why we work so hard at what we do.

School Siege - teacher from London, UK (5.9.04)

Like everyone else, I watched the siege in Beslan. I know we all watched with hope that the hostages would be saved. ... I am sure there will be many repercussions to this tragedy.

Understanding - teacher from Ontario, Canada (6.9.04)

The last 100 years have been filled with wars and fighting. I hope the next century is filled with people taking the time to talk and understand and appreciate each other. My thoughts are with those who are suffering.

Terrible - teacher from the Netherlands (6.9.04)

There is one word about the attack: terrible! ... When you go back in history there has always always fighting and killing. So what is the solution? Humanity has been searching for it for thousands of years ...

A Harsher World - teacher from South Africa (6.9.04)

... the world we are living in is getting harsher and harsher by the day. Our TV news has captured Italian planes delivering medicine supplies - a good sign of keeping together when problems hit.

Public Opinion - student from Russia (6.9.04)

Yes, I agree that simple people can't do anything to resolve terrorism problem. But at least they must speak and express their opinions. Governments of countries can do something and public opinion must press them to do it.

It Affects Us All - teacher from the Philippines (7.9.04)

Any terrorist attack anywhere in the world affects us all.

Tolerance - Pam from Texas, USA (8.9.04)

... if we learn to see the world through other people's eyes, try to feel the sorrow that they feel, learn about their culture and family life, we will be more caring, tolerant people. ... Will you take the Tolerance Pledge?

Senseless Loss - teacher from Connecticut, USA (8.9.04)

Our hearts were broken at the senseless loss of so many innocents.

The Circle of Pain - Year 8 pupil, Slavonski Brod, Croatia (8.9.04)

I have many advantages in my life, I go to school, I play with my friends and I always have food to eat so I cannot judge people who live in much worse conditions than me, but I know that if you fight for the future of your children, you cannot achieve it by taking that future from other children. It only starts the circle of pain and hopelessness.

The Mind of Man - teacher from Namibia (9.9.04)

It is really painful to see so many innocent lives being lost ... war started in the mind of man, and therefore it is in the minds of men that pillars of peace can be constructed.

Our Condolences - teacher from Azerbaijan (11.9.04)

We present our condolences to everybody who suffered from the terrorist attack in Russia. ... we understand your grief very well. This is really a tragedy. ... I wish after some years people will think about terrorism as something that happened in the past and our children will read about it from the books.

Reactions to Beslan - students from South Africa (14.9.04)

I feel sad about those children who were killed at Beslan or worse because they do not know the reason but they end up dying. ... they know nothing about politics but they are killed.

I am very worried about the problem because these parents donít know anything about what happened in school because these children are very young and small. This problem is very very big, it is not a small thing.

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