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Sunday 18th August

Information about the cuisine of individual countries is available in World InfoZone's country studies. Using the WIZ information it is possible to look at the following:

how the resources, religion and history of a country have influenced the national food; how national cuisines have been exported (e.g, American, Chinese and Indian); food around the world.

NEW from World InfoZone: Eating The WIZ Way

- It's Easy, It's Economical and It Works

Eating the WIZ Way was written following a change in diet embarked upon in June last year. Finding that my lazy eating habits had finally caught up with me I decided it was time to do something about it.

As the author of one of the very first world encyclopedias on the internet - (WIZ) - I had a good start as I had researched food for every country. Eating the WIZ Way includes a country A to Z - an interesting sample from around ten percent of the countries.

Catching up on some of the latest healthy eating reports, together with World InfoZone, Eating the WIZ Way is a combination of my research and a synopsis of my new diet.

Eating the WIZ Way goes back to pre convenience food using an international perspective. Every food/ingredient in the book has been researched for health giving properties; salt and sugar are not added.

Many young people's experience of eating today is of mass produced food - some of it "contents unknown".

Eating the WIZ Way is a colourful and graphical book. Recipes are not only easy to prepare but economical, and every ingredient has a part to play.

I must admit that I have been very strict with what I eat and drink but I have been rewarded with a significant and easy loss of weight - initially an unintended side effect.

A number of health problems today are a result of obesity and perhaps we should think more about our reliance on food that is mass produced rather than preparing it ourselves.

A Review from Food Correspondent Alison Jee in the Twickenham Tribune

Anyone who knows our esteemed editor will have noticed that weve been seeing a lot less of her recently! Thats because she embarked on a change of diet last summer for health reasons. And, because she is the sort of person who writes encyclopaedia on the web, as one does (!) at she was already in a great place to research the best way to adapt her eating habits.

Having already studied food for every country, she produced an eating plan, and together with the publisher has produced a nifty little book as the result of her personal experience.

Eating the WIZ Way is easy to follow, with economical recipes and expounds the mantra that fats, salt and sugar and processed foods can be substituted with wholesome ingredients, herbs and spices to provide an easy, tasty and healthy eating plan. The recipes are simple to follow, illustrated in colour and tend to use everyday ingredients that are readily available here in Twickers. And judging by the results obtained by the author, it certainly works.


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