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Friday 23rd August
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New Year - John, China (15.9.04)

Cultural new year celebrations in different countries may be different. Our Chinese Lunar New Year is usually in January or February in Spring. That is our world diversity.

Mid-Autumn Festival, China (29.9.04)

September 28th 2004 is the Mid-Autumn Festival in China. In Chinese lunar calendar, it's on the 15th day of the 8th month. Moon cakes are the popular cookies to send as gifts to relatives and friends. ... People have to work on that day. Most of the Chinese traditional festivals we have to work except for the Spring Festival.

Mid-Autumn Festival is to celebrate with family reunion dinner and after dinner we set the table outside in the moonlight and enjoy watching the full moon and eating the moon cakes and fruits like apples and pears ... the weather is cool and the night sky is clear and the moon is full and bright. Spring is humid and summer is hot and winter is cold, so Mid-Autumn is the best time to enjoy watching the full moon.

Sukkot Holiday - Marsha, Israel (29.9.04)

We are now on Sukkot vacation and I want to write to tell you we will be back on from October 10th hopefully first chance we get. Sukkot is a nice holiday and and the last Jewish holiday until Chanukah.

Thanksgiving - Brad, USA (6.10.04)

We hope you and your students are having a wonderful holiday! Our next holiday will be Thanksgiving in November. It is a time to be thankful for the many blessings we enjoy, and this year, we are thankful for being able to share the dream of world peace and understanding.

Citizens of the World (attacks in Egypt) - a teacher in the USA (8.10.04)

... We may be as different as beads on a string; yet we remain united, as Socrates said, citizens of the world". We have a responsibility of citizenship, to care for one another. Our needs are many: a clean environment, fresh water, food for the hungry, hope for the uneducated, the poor and orphaned. There are shelters to build, and people to clothe. There is so much to do, we have no time for hatred.

Eventually, it is the work of good men and women that will prevail, to restore hope, and rekindle faith, and tolerance. We learn that when we disagree, we can disagree respectfully, and so both sides learn and grow.

Posting from the UK (9.10.04)

Tom Paine: "My country is the world and all men are my brothers"

Posting from a teacher in China (9.10.04)

... all the educators and teachers in the world should teach our younger generation how to make friends with our neighbours and respect our neighbours' friends. Chinese proverb goes: It is always a pleasure to greet a friend from afar.

War in former Yugoslavia - a teacher in Croatia (9.10.04)

your encouraging words ... reminded me of the war years in Croatia. Sitting in the shelter and listening to the sound of bombing, I tried to understand the meaning of human evil and realized that only good soul vibrations could prevail hate and destruction. Spreading positive feelings and sharing them with others are the paths of humanity.

Posting from a teacher in Latvia (9.10.04)

It is always so sad when we hear about people's violence. No matter what religion, appearance or language, we peoples have the same sky, sun, clouds, ocean - one Earth ...

Posting from a teacher in Texas, USA (10.10.04)

... Who can say what future doctor, statesman, or leader of a nation, will be inspired by a few simple words from the Internet? What future international treaties, understandings, or partnerships could have their roots from here?

Violence in the Community - a teacher and her pupils in California, USA (10.10.04)

... violence. ... We have it too in our community, in a smaller degree, and everyone has had a friend or neighbor or family member killed in pointless fights. Our hearts and prayers go out to everyone who has suffered a loss.

Posting from a teacher in Namibia (14.10.04)

I hope and pray that we find unity of purpose in the world. It is always sad to hear incidents of this nature happening, especially to children.

Reply to "stop teaching history" - teacher in the UK (14.10.04)

I think that knowing the history of the world is important. People will know their own history as it becomes part of their culture and is passed on in stories and in folk songs.

Having a world historical perspective gives us an understanding of the human race and helps us to understand why things have happened. With that knowledge we can try to come to agreements and make decisions for the future.

Oscar Wilde - Pupil from Riga, Latvia (15.10.04)

"Dear little Swallow", said the Prince, "you tell me of marvellous things, but more marvellous than anything is the suffering of men and of women. There is no Mystery so great as Misery." So said Oscar Wilde (The Happy Prince) in the 19th century and nothing has been changed. Unfortunately.

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