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Global Communication Quiz (2)

1) You can learn many things from the global communication project. For instance, Latvia in Europe, is one of the countries known as the Baltic States. What is the capital of Latvia? Tallinn, Vilnius, Riga.

2) Which is the third largest city in Russia? St Petersburg, Kedrovyi, Novosibirsk.

3) You can read about many schools in the project. A teacher founded Horizon School. Where is Horizon? South Korea, Singapore, Sri Lanka.

4) Groundhog Day is on 2 February. Where is this tradition popular? Australia, Canada, New Zealand.

5) One of the partners runs a Samba group. He lives on an island that was the home of the legendary Cyclope, a man with one eye described by Homer in his epic, Ulysses. Where does he live? Sardina, Sicily, Solomon Islands.

6) Where would you find David's Tower? Israel, United Kingdom, USA.

7) Pupils at Ein Ganim School interviewed the American explorer, Wave Vidmar. Where was Wave Vidmar when he was interviewed? The South Pole, The North Pole, Ben Nevis.

8) Slavonski Brod is a beautiful town on the coast of a river. Which river? Sava, Drava, Danube.

9) In the summer 2004 we followed the Olympic Torch Relay. What was the name of the first torchbearer of the Olympic Flame in Brazil? Pele, Ronaldo, Rivaldo.

10) What type of birds would you expect to see if you visited the Tower of London? Ravens, crows, peacocks.

11) One of the teachers from Pasadena in the USA told us that Texas once belonged to a country in Europe. To which country did Texas belong? England, Spain, the Netherlands.

12) One of the partner countries used to be known as Formosa. What is the name of the country? China, Hong Kong, Taiwan.

13) One of the students from Uzbekistan wrote about performing Haj. Where did he go to make this pilgrimage? United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Oman.

14) The Olympic Flame visited the headquarters of UNESCO. The Torch was passed to a girl from Israel who handed it to a Palestinian boy - a symbolic gesture of truce and peaceful co-existence. In which city did this happen? Paris, Stockholm, Rome.

15) In the discussion on Road Safety some of the students wrote the slogan, Arrive Alive, Don't Drink and Drive. Where do these students live? South Africa, USA, United Kingdom.

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